Express Lane—New Nitrous Plate System Now Available for 1986-93 Mustang GT

The Nitrous Express plate system for 1986-93 Mustang GT features no spray bars, offering the ultimate in atomization and distribution thanks to a new technological design. The billet plate replaces the factory EGR spacer and bolts between the throttle body and intake making installation quick and easy. The solenoids are

Extension Benefits—How Radial Tires Are Changing The Way We Race, 60 Feet At A Time

If you could grab a fan out of the stands from a National Muscle Car Association race 20 years ago and drop them into an event today, the future shock would come at them from a lot of different directions. They’d find cars in the spectator lot making power numbers

Transmission Cross-Fit—An Inside Look at Powerglide and TH400 Conversions for Mustangs

By and large, Ford owners tend to be very touchy on the idea of cross-breeding their Mustangs with parts from the “other guys”. However, lately, it seems there has been a slight relaxation of hostilities when it comes to non-Blue-Oval transmissions. With the recent trend of ridiculously-high horsepower street/strip Mustangs,

Mechanical Flow—We Asked the Experts About Mechanical Fuel Pumps

The electric fuel pump has been a staple in the street/strip racing community for decades thanks to its capabilities. Today, however, there are some competitors who are taking a different approach by ditching the time-honored tradition of an electric pump in favor of a mechanical one. The effective result with