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18 Years in the Making – Mitch Goare’s Outlaw True Street Mustang


By Ainsley Jacobs

Photos Courtesy of Mitch Goare

They say that good things come to those who wait, and Mitch Goare has been waiting 18 years since he first purchased his ’91 Mustang to get it to the point it’s at today.

Goare acquired the Fox body from the car’s original owner back in ’99. With only 50,000 miles on it and laps logged at NMRA and Fun Ford races in the mid-‘90s, the car had already seen its share of competition. “It began as a small project car, and it’s grown over the years,” noted the owner who currently resides in Columbus, Georgia.

Although the Mustang had gone through many transformations, its current state is the most impressive iteration. Goare chose to work with longtime friend Billy Kimmel, John Kolivas and Jon Bennett of KBX Performance, and Derek Fannin and Drew Sims of Pressurized Solutions for the build.

The result of Kimmel, KBX and Pressurized’s collaborative efforts was a killer, 421 ci small block Ford engine boosted by a set of twin Precision turbochargers. “A lot of the build is top secret, but Bennett did do it with all of their best specs,” explained Goare, who plans to target the no time world of NMRA Outlaw True Street and other outlaw-style no time races with his 25.5 SFI spec hatchback. “Billy Kimmel did about half of the car down here in Columbus, all the wiring and a bunch more, but Pressurized and KBX did all the fab work and chassis setup.”

A Neal Racing Transmissions Powerglide unit was mated to the menacing small block, and a PTC torque converter stuffed in between. The powertrain itself is managed via a Big Stuff 3 engine management system along with an NLR AMS-2000 boost controller, while tuning duties are shared between Kimmel, Fannin, and KBX.

One of Goare’s primary requirements was that his Mustang remain streetable. As such, a 13-gallon fuel cell, 13-gallon ice tank, alternator, and everything else the car needs to be driven on the streets has been accounted for.

During the build, Goare contacted the crew at Racecraft Inc and acquired practically every suspension component available for his Fox body. The stock-style suspended car now rides like a dream when it’s cruising the streets, and hooks hard when it hits the drag strip.

As things began to wrap up towards the end of summer, Goare brought the powerful pony car to E & W Body Shop in Haleyville, Alabama. There, Keith Elkins sprayed the beautiful blue hue from front to back, covering the Schoneck Composites hood and front fenders in the process.

Goare picked up the finished product in early November of 2017 and was thrilled with how nearly two decades of work had culminated into something beyond his initial expectations. “This wouldn’t have been possible if not for help from my wife, Rebecca, Billy Kimmel, Jimmy Williams, my brother, Mike Goare, Alex Dupont, KBX, Drew Sims and Derek Fannin at Pressurized, my children, Molly Goare and Mitchell Goare, and Dan Parker,” said Goare gratefully.

Now that the long wait is over, Goare is looking to hit up the NMRA ididit Outlaw True Street series starting with the 2018 season opener, the world famous Nitto Tire Spring Break Shootout, presented by Steeda Autosports, held at Bradenton Motorsports Park in the opening days of March as well as many no time street car shootouts. Although power levels and certain specs are strictly hush-hush for the moment, it’s safe to say Goare will be on the hunt to make big waves at street car events.


Ainsley Jacobs
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