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3s Company—Mike Decker III Crushes Outlaw 10.5 Record at Cecil County Dragway with 3.787 | Presented by Nitto Tire


The Outlaw 10.5 record has been shoved way into the 3s during the late September running of the Strange Engineering Street Car Shootout at Cecil County Dragway when Mike Decker III unleashed a 3.787 run during eliminations. The record run comes just three weeks after Decker became the first Outlaw 10.5 racer to dip into the 3.80s with a 3.89 run from his ‘screw-blown Vanishing Point Race Cars Corvette. The class record coming into 2018 was a stout 3.93, held by John Carinci and his turbo Vette, however some recent changes have enabled some of the Outlaw 10.5 competitors to run way further into the 3s.

The Outlaw 10.5 record bashing started nearly two months ago during Cecil County Dragway’s monthly Strange Engineering Street Car Shootout thanks to a couple of changing variables. The first step was a new track prep program that would give racers an opportunity to explore a different tire choice. It was Ken Quartuccio Jr. and his new Skinny Kid Race Cars C7 Corvette that garnered a significant amount of attention when he dipped into the 3.90s in the heat of the day. He did so while rocking a set of Mickey Thompson ET Street Radial Pro 315 tires and Pro Line Racing’s Jamie Miller handling the crew chief and tuning chores. Mo Hall went on to win the event—on radials—with consistent 4-oh runs from his nitrous-gulping Corvette. One-by-one, the stalwarts of Outlaw 10.5 began abandoning the 33×10.5W tire slick-tire standard in favor of the 315/60R15 radial tires from Mickey Thompson.

Rumors are floating around that over 80% of the class now runs the radial tire, largely due to the better track preparations by the Cecil County Dragway staff. Decker clipped off a .963 sixty-foot time on his way to the record 3.787 at 193.19 mph performance. But don’t think the track is just for radials, as a side note, there were two Pro Mods that ran 3.70s side-by-side shortly after the Outlaw 10.5 class posted record numbers. Andy Jensen was driving one of the Pro Mods and carded a sick .898 sixty-foot time, he would go one to win the Pro Mod race. It isn’t flypaper as evident by the success of the Pro Mod category run on the same day, but it is good enough to enable the Outlaw 10.5 racers to run on the radials and change the game in the Outlaw 10.5 world.

Mike Galimi
Mike Galimi is the Director of Content & Marketing at ProMedia Publishing and Events with nearly 20 years of experience in motorsport writing and photography.