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6-Second Turbo Coyote Street Car—Justin Jordan Smashes 6s and 200 mph in his 2014 Mustang


Written By: Ainsley Jacobs

Riverview, Florida’s Justin Jordan has been a fixture in the Mustang scene for several years now, taking his Coyote-powered, street-driven S197 Mustangs deep into the 7s in the quarter-mile. He’s claimed victories in most of the NMRA’s Turbo Coyote Shootouts, as well as in classes at various one-off events. With his current 2014 Mustang charging far harder than most within the Coyote Mustang community, he was looking for a new goal.

“I was at a weird crossroads with the car and didn’t know what to do next. There isn’t a lot of competition and nobody is really bringing low-7-second cars to the Turbo Coyote Shootout,” Jordan explained. Jordan’s Mustangs have relied on Hellion Turbo systems to boost the horsepower of the Coyote powerplants, and the company’s founder, John Urist, has become a personal friend of Jordan’s.

“I called up John and asked him what the quickest he has been in the quarter-mile, and he said 6.95,” Jordan told us. “I told him that my goal this year was to beat him with his own turbo kit, so I was going for a 6.94.”

Towards the end of the 2018 racing season, Jordan clocked a number of 7-teen and 7-0 passes, and posted a 200mph trap speed at the 2018 Mod Nationals in Georgia. After trying for what seemed like forever to get the six-second monkey off his back, Jordan finally catapulted his street-legal ’14 Ford Mustang into the six-second, quarter-mile club. Owner-operator of Jordan Performance and Racing, the Floridian made a quick trip over to Bradenton Motorsports Park on Thursday, November 29thto prepare for the weekend’s Snowbird Outlaw Nationals race.

“I was going to have to run 100-pounds over weight there and was prepared to slip a guy a hundred bucks if they would leave the quarter-mile clocks on so I could run it out the back door,” laughed Jordan, who had planned to use the race as an additional opportunity to chase his six, but wound up not needing it after all.

Jordan and his entourage knew a six-second pass was possible for their “NighTTmare,” but frequent wheelies, while great for pictures, got in the way of going fast.

“Somehow it all just came together today,” said Jordan contentedly. “We made a few minor adjustments and moved some weight around, and by some crazy racecar miracle we had good-for-Florida weather with a density altitude of like only +600.”

Jordan’s first pass right off the trailer produced a goal-dominating run of 6.906 at 201.47 mph.

“It wheelied and I pedaled it just a smidge, then set it down as I ran it out the back and knew it would run an .80 if I kept my foot in it,” he laughed of the incredible achievement. He was also slow to get on his scramble button during the run, which calls up a few more pounds of boost and a few hundred more ponies from the stable. The plan for his second run was to get on the button early and send it.

“It didn’t even wheelie that time, just went right on down.”

Amazingly, Jordan wound up running a 6.877 at 200.89mph pass, all thanks to a great wife, a great crew chief, and great sponsors.

“We’re running an off-the-shelf Hellion Power Systems turbo kit with a 3,300-pound car. It’s nothing fancy, just the byproduct of a long journey sorting it out carefully,” Jordan added of his MPR Racing Engines, stock-block-based 302ci setup. Jordan had been 7.70s with the car with the stock ECU and all of the creature comforts that the factory had to offer. After that, the car went under the knife for some weight savings, safety upgrades, and performance parts that include a ProTorque EV1 converter, MBRP Performance Exhaust system, an AEM Electronics Infinity ECU and off-the-shelf BMR suspension components. Next up on Jordan’s To Do list was a celebratory dinner compliments of Total Venue Concept’s Kurt Johnson who was prepping at Bradenton and lost a friendly wager about whether or not the unicorn run would happen. To drive home the point that his certified six-second NighTTmare is still a street car, Jordan drove it to local watering hole Gecko’s Grill and Pub straight from the track.

Ainsley Jacobs
Ainsley Jacobs
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