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A Crazy Twin-Screw Blown, Diesel Powered Chevy Coupe Headed to Pro Modified Competition


By Justin Norris

Photos Courtesy of P.TEN Marketing

Odon, Indiana based Wagler Competition Products has teamed up with EZ LYNK, an innovative vehicle diagnostics and control company, to form Critical Mass Motorsports (CMM) to campaign a unique screw-blown diesel-powered 1937 Chevy Coupe Pro Mod.

Sitting between the rails of a Greg Risk Racecraft-prepped tube chassis is the DX500L, an all-billet, 500ci Duramax-based diesel engine that was designed by Jeremy Wagler. The new design has been tweaked to handle Top Fuel-equivalent combustion pressures. A bedplate locks the Winberg crankshaft in place while Wagler aluminum Hemi rods and custom Ross pistons swing off it. The cylinder heads are held in place thanks to ARP head studs, which are the same ones used in a Top Fuel engine and they go straight through the jugs and into main center section. A custom Comp Cams camshaft has taken up residence inside the billet block.

The DX500L is fed copious servings of air through a PSI 210 C Twin-Screw supercharger that is overdriven to net 75 psi of positive pressure. Wagler claims “we have plenty of pulleys to go” if more boost is needed. Putting fire to the boost is an electronic common rail diesel injection system by S&S Diesel Motorsport that utilizes three high-pressure pumps and custom Iveco injectors. There’s also two stages worth of juice on tap, courtesy of Nitrous Express.

Wagler Competition Products debuted its Critical Mass Motorsports Chevy Coupe at the 2017 SEMA Show.

Keeping things cool is a custom water/methanol injection system that uses four Billet Atomizer 700 lb/hr injectors that are mapped to rpm, intake temp, and boost by the standalone ECU that also controls the diesel and nitrous injection.

A Rossler TH400 with a Neal Chance lock-up converter has the daunting task of managing the instant torque this combo is sure to produce.

The CMM team plans to attend various diesel and gas events for the 2018 season, with R&D being the number one goal. Wagler alludes to the challenges ahead “there’s no book on a screw-blown diesel, we’re writing it. We realize we’re going to fail along the way, but we’ll keep working until we get there.”

Mike Galimi
Mike Galimi is the Director of Content & Marketing at ProMedia Publishing and Events with nearly 20 years of experience in motorsport writing and photography.