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A Dead Battery, Dripping Fuel Line and Drag Strip Failure Highlights Second Leg of Randy Seward’s Pony Express Cross Country Trip


By Derek Putnam

Photos Courtesy of Randy Seward

With his trusty Mustang logged just over 1,000 miles in three days, Randy Seward’s Pony Express was off to a decent start. A cross-country trip scheduled to log north of 10,000 miles, Seward plans to visit 47 drag strips in just over two months time. Race Pages Digital will be doing periodical updates on Seward’s travels, as he puts his 8-second Mustang to the ultimate torture test without the safety net of a trailer or support car.

Days 3-4 – Bowling Green, Kentucky to Lexington, Kentucky

Following an appearance at NMCA’s Bluegrass Nationals where he competed in the Gear Vendors True Street class on May 19th, Seward remained in Bowling Green, Kentucky the next day to review some data and replace his ailing laptop computer. That night, Seward traveled to Lexington, Kentucky to stay with a friend before piloting the Mustang to Haltech Engine Management Systems on Monday May 21st. A supporter of Seward for many years, Haltech gave him the guided tour of their main facility. But before Seward would depart from Lexington, he’d make yet another trip for a computer fix, as a bad battery in a brand new laptop would provide a roadblock. After some troubleshooting, an exchange for a new laptop was made and Seward made plans to get back on the road the next morning.

Total miles: 1204      Daily mileage: 170   Tracks visited: Two  Best pass of the day: No runs

Days 5-6 – Lexington, Kentucky to Clarksville, Tennessee

Tuesday, May 22nd would find Seward continuing his march west with Nashville, Tennessee in his sights. Planning to race at Clarksville Speedway the following evening, Seward would spend the night with a friend from the popular website Yellow Bullet before backtracking to Clarksville. The Tuesday trip was a drama free one, but Wednesday would present Seward with a leaking fuel line just a few miles from Clarksville Speedway. “I filled up just before I arrived at the track,” said Seward. “I went inside the gas station shop, and came back to a shower of fuel spraying out of the feed line.” Luckily, the leak was in his supplemental fuel system that carries E-85 fuel, and his primary fuel tank was trouble free. But without a steady stream of the high-octane corn juice available for track runs, Seward didn’t want to risk engine damage. A search for replacement fuel line came up empty, and Seward would leave his second track of the trip without a single run.

Total miles: 1524      Daily mileage: 320   Tracks visited: Three Best pass of the day: No runs

Day 7 – Clarksville, Tennessee to Memphis, Tennessee

After logging a few hours of drive time on Wednesday night and stopping for about four hours of rest, Seward arrived in Memphis just before sunrise. A few hours later, he visited John Bonner at Dynospeed Racing, who let him borrow a lift to aid in replacing his faulty fuel line. Seward was able to secure 14 feet of -12AN line for his E-85 tank, and got it replaced before rolling to Memphis International Raceway. But instead of a test and tune, Seward was greeted with a major event being run on an 1/8-mile format, and combined with a questionable forecast, Seward opted to bypass a possible run. Despite leaving another track without a time slip, Seward will make the trek to Thunder Valley Raceway in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Friday, May 25th in the hopes he will once again travel a quarter-mile in under 9-seconds.

Total miles: 1915      Daily mileage: 391      Tracks visited: Four            Best pass of the day: No runs

Mike Galimi
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