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A Quick Theory on X275—Justin Cyrnek’s new X275 Mustang dubbed Orange Theory | Presented by Nitto Tire


By Ainsley Jacobs

Photos Courtesy of Justin Cyrnek

Justin Cyrnek has a history of swapping ‘Stangs. In late 2017, he sold his green, Larry Jeffers Racecars-built, turbocharged 2013 Mustang GT to Brad Medlock so that he could finance another ’13 GT replacement build. Now, he has yet another Mustang in his stable – a wicked orange X275 beast.

Originally purchased new in 2004 as a Body in White by another local racer, eventually it wound up in the hands of noted Midwest-based driver, Gino Cavallo. “It was sitting in his shop and I asked him what he was doing with it,” said Cyrnek from his home in Illinois. “He only ran it, like, twice and then it sat in the corner with the engine out. I liked it, it was a beautiful teal color then with a 25.3 cage and one day Gino called and offered it way too cheap, so I said bring that f*cker up here!”

Now, some three years later, Cyrnek’s impulse buy is finally getting figured out. “I thought to myself maybe I would send it to Larry [Jeffers] and do it up real quick,” Cyrnek laughed of his famous last words.

Aiming for X275 competition, Larry Jeffers Race Cars and crew transformed the Mustang into something more. A double frame rail, SFI 25.2 certified chassis was fabricated and a LJRC 9” rear end installed. Racecraft Inc components make the front end a work of art, and Penske Racing Suspension shocks were installed in the rear along with Santhuff struts up front.

Fueled by VP Racing M1 methanol, the new ’04 features a 351 ci Coyote engine under its LJRC one-piece front end. Tony Schroeder at Automotive Engine Specialties (AES) was responsible for building the bullet, which is comprised of a billet block from MMR stuffed with Diamond pistons and GRP rods along with standard GT350 heads, Comp cams, and OEM rockers.

A billet sheet metal intake, made in-house by Cyrnek, tops off the work of art while a single 88mm Garrett-based Forced Induction turbocharger is proudly on display up front.

Getting power to the ground effectively in a class as cutthroat as X275 is key, so Cyrnek opted to go with a three-speed Turbo 400 transmission from Proformance coupled with a ProTorque EV1 lock-up converter.

Weld wheels, wrapped in the quintessential Mickey Thompson ET drag radial rubber, were bolted on to all four corners and perfectly shroud The Brake Man brakes that will help haul Cyrnek’s X275 contender down to pit speeds.

For the finishing touch, Cyrnek added Schoneck Composites carbon doors and Optic Armor windows, then let LJRC go to town in the paint booth with spray guns and plenty of House of Kolor Kandy Tangerine.

“Now, the car is with Steve Summers getting wiring and plumbing done,” shared Cyrnek, who can’t wait to get out for the inaugural test sessions in mid-late January. Running a Haltech 2500P engine management system, Summers will also be handling tuning duties. Doug Cook at Motion Raceworks hooked him up with tons of supplies to keep the project moving along. “Matt Bell from Redline Motorsports also helps me out tremendously, he’s like my best friend.”

Currently, Cyrnek plans to debut “Orange Theory” at Sweet 16 at South Georgia Motorsports Park on March 21-23, 2019. He knows it usually takes a race or two to get all the bugs worked out, but he’s aiming to go big with the Coyote-powered car’s first race and just send it. Then, he’ll turn his attention to hitting as many X275 races as possible, and will throw in a few NMRA/NMCA Street Outlaw appearances now that the rules are more accommodating to his combination.

In addition to his now-orange new ride, though, Cyrnek still has his silver ’13. That car is currently at Larry Jeffers Race Cars getting some chassis work done and a few other changes to prepare for Limited Drag Radial and no-time/no-prep racing in 2019, although Cyrnek hasn’t decided if he’ll be keeping it as a stock-style suspension ride or go all in and back-half the car. There’s also a third car in the works – a ’15 Mustang – which will be a Radial vs the World entry so that Cyrnek can dabble in some big tire no-time racing as well.

Whatever wheel he winds up sitting behind, 2019 is shaping up to be a very good, and very busy, year for Cyrnek.

Ainsley Jacobs
Ainsley Jacobs
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