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Attitude Street Cars: The Southeast’s Street Car Sanctuary


Today, Attitude Street Cars in Marietta, Georgia, serves as the premier destination for domestic performance in the Southeast. ASC’s team of professionals take on jobs ranging from chassis dyno tuning on late model vehicles to intense custom fabrication on restomod American muscle projects and more. Looking back a decade ago, though, this force within the street car scene didn’t exist.

Just before 2013, Attitude Street Cars’ owner Brandon Conner was at the height of his career as a business intelligence solutions architect. After a 10-year stint in that space with Delta Airlines to start his career, Conner continued on to a number of other opportunities, including one with the global giant, General Electric.

While crafting the building blocks for a thriving career in the business intelligence industry, Conner’s passion for performance cars, which was sparked by his father, weathered the steep demand for attention from his flourishing profession.

Through the years, Conner collected a number of high-performance domestic street car projects—including his 2002 Ford Mustang GT, which he focused in on just after his transition to becoming a new shop owner.

After picking it up as an incomplete project, Conner essentially used the GT as a research and development car for future Coyote swap projects that Attitude Street Cars would soon take on.

Now, Conner’s 2002 Mustang features a Gen 1 Coyote engine, a single 76mm Precision turbo, aftermarket injectors, a built 6R80 transmission with a Circle D Specialties torque converter, Team Z Motorsports suspension, and an Attitude Street Cars tune.

Once Conner had collected a résumé of extreme domestic builds throughout his 14 years of working in the data intelligence industry, he decided to turn his passion and developed skillset into a full-time effort.

With the decision was made, Conner founded Attitude Street Cars shortly thereafter in 2013. To ensure he could keep his new company running strong while still pushing out incredible work, he sought out one of the most important things in any business: a winning team. Combining his love for domestic performance with others equally as passionate across the Atlanta metro area, Conner opened up shop in his first building Northwest of the city.

After launching Attitude Street Cars, Conner and his team successfully executed hundreds of tuning and installation jobs in its formative years. They also developed keen skills for more involved fabrication projects such as custom-built headers, intake systems, and anything else that might be needed to bring their clients’ visions to reality.

Once Conner had cut his teeth as a professional high-performance shop owner, he expanded operations to the location that Attitude Street Cars currently resides in. The new Marietta, Georgia-based shop features a state-of-the-art DynoJet chassis dyno, numerous lifts, and the space for the ASC team to work on over a dozen cars at once.

After years of further consistent execution and client success, Conner recently took his business to even greater heights when he took over the shop next door to him. This move further expanded his team’s active project bandwidth, allowing them to optimize client turnaround time on more involved projects, while the main shop remains at full steam on quicker jobs, like tuning appointments.

Today, Attitude Street Cars continues to execute a complete range of performance enhancements, in addition to tuning. As true specialists, they focus on American-made vehicles including Ford Mustangs, Chevy Corvettes, Dodge Challengers, and more. From dyno tuning to long-term projects, Attitude Street Cars is the team to see in the Southeast.

Visit Attitude Street Cars this weekend on the vendor midway at Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, Georgia, during the 13th Annual Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals Presented by MAHLE Motorsport.