Joel Steele’s Sick, Stick-Shifted S197 Eclipses the Six-Second Barrier at FL2K21

After setting the record for the quickest H-pattern manually-shifted and Coyote-powered Mustang in the world in September of 2020 with a 7.86-second quarter-mile at 174mph blast in his S197 Ford Mustang, Joel Steele has shaved nearly a full second off his record while racing at the FL2K21 event at Florida’s

Second Verse—Mike Ciborowski does it better than the first with his second Edelbrock Renegade S197 ride

Written by Ainsley Jacobs Photography by Kevin DiOssi Although “Team Kubota” captain and two-time NMRA Limited Street champion Mike Ciborowski loves using tractors to do engine swaps, he doesn’t like racing heavy equipment. So, when he realized his old 2014 Ford Mustang GT was too hefty to muscle its way to the

Lyle Barnett to Field Twin-Turbo Combination in NHRA Pro Mod + 2.4 Hours of LeMullets with Stevie “Fast” Jackson

One of small-tire racing’s most prominent faces and pilot of the infamous “Tooth Jerker” Dodge Dart, “Beer Money” Ford Mustang, and “Moonshine Missile” Ford Granada wagon, Lyle Barnett made his debut on the big stage of NHRA competition in the Pro Mod category earlier this year. Fielding a ProCharged 2018

David DeMarco Returns to Racing with Screw-Blown, 1969 Camaro Pro Mod from DMC & DMPE

Written by Ainsley Jacobs With a build more than three years in the making now finally complete, one-half of radial racing’s infamous “Troublemint Twins,” David DeMarco, is making his big return to racing—but he’s doing it in a big way and on big tires with a screw-blown, 1969 Chevy Camaro Pro

Chip King is Coming to Claim the Championship at NMCA Finals in Indy

The laughing, smiling, jokester known as Chip King is all about having a good time, on and off the racetrack. So, as King heads in to the 20th Annual NMCA World Street Finals Presented by Chevrolet Performance at the famed Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis in Indiana as the points

Eric Bardekoff Aiming to Double Up on Championship Titles in NMRA & NMCA

When Eric Bardekoff started his 2021 racing season, he was expecting to work hard and had hopes for some moderate success. He wasn’t expecting to go into the finals for both NMRA and NMCA as the points leader in two championship chases. After finishing fourth in NMRA Edelbrock Renegade in 2020,

David Ginter Set for Hot Comeback after Last Season’s Finale Fire

When longtime NMRA racer David Ginter had an incident at the NMRA All-Ford World Finals in Bowling Green, Kentucky, at the end of his 2020 Edelbrock Renegade season that resulted in fire and a hurt engine, he knew he would be sitting out for a while as he rebuilt his

Chris Holbrook charges toward small-tire success in NMCA Edelbrock Xtreme Street

Supercharged Stallion Chris Holbrook charges toward small-tire success in NMCA Edelbrock Xtreme Street Written by Ainsley Jacobs Photography by Kevin DiOssi As a second-generation racer, Chris Holbrook practically grew up with a wrench in his hand. His entire life has been shaped by his father’s influence, from his career on the track to his

Young At Heart—Dan Helmsing’s NMRA Ford Muscle 1966 Ford Mustang

After being away from drag racing for nearly half a century, Dan Helmsing recently returned to the sport and is having the time of his life. Now, he’s making the move to NMRA Race Pages Digital Ford Muscle with a classic 1966 Ford Mustang. In his teens, the Missouri resident, now

Sean Lyon and Tim Lyons Team Up To Tackle X275

Keeping up with the Joneses isn’t just for technology and toys, it’s also relevant to racecars. When Sean Lyon realized his 1990 Ford Mustang LX needed an overhaul so it could be more competitive in X275, he called the king of small-tire and stock-suspension builds, Tim Lyons at Lyons Custom