NMRA Race Wrap: 12th Annual Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals

Written by Ainsley Jacobs Although the 12th Annual Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals at Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, Georgia, was originally scheduled to be run in April, the repercussions from the Covid-19 pandemic forced a date change to June 26-28, 2020. It was definitely worth the wait, though, as the

Ronnie Hobbs Swaps Pro Mod Mustang from Turbo to ProCharger

Ronnie Hobbs has had his hands on tons of cool cars over the years, including his No Prep “Texas Rattlesnake” Chevy S10 truck, as well as Rod Saboury’s Legendary Pro Street ’57 Corvette. He took ownership of his current Pro Mod ’17 Mustang GT350 in late ’19 knowing the record-setting

No Prep Kings Star Kye Kelley’s Sinister New “Show Stopper” Camaro

It’s tough to run with hand-me-downs when everyone else seems to be enjoying the latest and greatest. That struggle of doing more with less, though, helped make Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings star Kye Kelley as good as he is. Now, his perseverance has paid off as he recently took

Young Gun—Daniel Spurgeon jumped from motorcycle racing into heads-up drag racing

Written by Ainsley Jacobs Photography by Kevin DiOssi Parents always want the best for their children, and often sacrifice so that their progeny can develop into prodigies. Paul Spurgeon is no different, and, when his son, Daniel Spurgeon, decided to get into drag racing, Paul went all in and the two built

Steve Huff Makes History—First to Eclipse the Electric Vehicle 200 mph Mark

Very few racers can lay claim to having beat “Big Daddy” Don Garlits, but Steve Huff is one of them, and with his recent astounding record of being the first to break the 200-mph mark with an electric vehicle, he’s also indelibly inked his name in the history books. Based out

Paul Gargus Claims First 3-Second Limited Drag Radial Pass

Written By Ainsley Jacobs Photography Courtesy of Steve Baur and Paul Gargus Even though drag racing is (mostly) shut down at the moment, Remlap, Alabama-based racer Paul Gargus was still able to make history by clicking off the first 3-second hit in Limited Drag Radial trim while testing at Alabama International Dragway

Where It All Started—Optic Armor

Many teenagers dream of opening a business with friends, but few ever actually succeed in doing so. The folks at Optic Armor, however, did exactly that–and have become the leading manufacturer of polycarbonate, scratch-resistant windows. “Jeff [Percival], Jim [Dunham], and I all grew up together. We are gearheads and hot rodders,”

Lloyd Wofford’s Stunning New LDR Cadillac CTS-V from B&B Race Cars

A race car builder’s dream customer is one who trusts in the process, understands the artist’s vision, gives free reign on the decision making process, has a generous budget, and comes back for repeat projects… and that’s exactly the kind of customer Darren Breaud of B&B Racecars got with Lloyd

Alton Clements Makes Progress with New Vortech Supercharger Setup for NMRA VP Racing Madditives Street Outlaw

Few things are more disappointing than breaking a new toy. So, when Alton Clements took ownership of Manny Buginga’s “Little Red” ride and wadded it up not long after, he got busy making it like new again so that he could get back to enjoying the car as quick as

Twice Bitten—Dwayne Hickman’s second Shelby serpent packs a potent bite

Written by Ainsley Jacobs Photography by Kevin DiOssi With an affection for Shelby Mustangs, Dwayne Hickman couldn’t help adding a black-with-white-stripes ’10 Shelby GT500 to his collection in early 2019. After campaigning his familiar white-with-black-stripes ’11 Mustang GT500 in NMRA competition, he added its counterpart, and the serpent has already shown it