Dream Team—JPC & DMC Collaborate on Paul Liverette’s Fox Body Mustang

Somethings, things go according to plan and sometimes they simply don’t. In Paul Liverette’s case, life thew him a curveball, but he knocked it out of the park and decided to live in the moment and change up his Mustang build in the process. Located near Annapolis, Maryland, Liverette brought his

First Gen III Coyote In the 9s—Chad Stephens’ Dirtybird Stretches Its Wings

Canadian racer Chad Stephens is known for his ’87 Ford Thunderbird’s high-flyin’ wild wheelie action, but now the NMRA G-Force Racing Transmissions Coyote Stock standout can also be known for putting down the first 9-second quarter-mile pass with a Gen III Coyote engine. It’s been a season of ups and downs

Jamie Stanton Runs 4-Teens with New ProCharged Combination in X275 Trim While Testing

As the racing season winds down and temperatures cool off, drivers have been busy chasing the numbers and are working hard to take advantage of conditions to secure new personal bests before the calendar year comes to a close. Jamie Stanton, a longtime racer known for setting record after record

Mercury Mayhem—Randy Dolensek takes on the ARP Nitrous Pro Street class with his ’69 Cyclone

Written by Ainsley Jacobs Photography by Kevin DiOssi Some things never change, including NMCA ARP Nitrous Pro Street racer Randy Dolensek’s enthusiasm for the Mercury Cyclone. From his teenage years spent cruising in the cool car to his current campaign racing the classic, Dolensek’s commitment to the Cyclone platform has never wavered. Back

Where It All Started—ROUSH Competition Engines

The ROUSH name is revered in racing for producing killer combinations and powerful platforms. ROUSH Competition Engines—North, while a global powerhouse in its own right today, developed from ROUSH’s original start in the industry to focus on racing powerplants. Beginning his automotive career as an engine development engineer for Ford Motor

Buyer’s Remorse—Ken Quartuccio’s Pro Mod ’67 Ford Mustang

Written by Ainsley Jacobs Photography by the Author and Courtesy of Jamie Miller It’s always tough parting with a favorite anything. When Ken Quartuccio let go of his ’69 Camaro, he quickly quelled his buyer’s remorse with a big dose of retail therapy, and bought a new Pro Mod ’67 Ford Mustang

Where It All Started—Livernois Motorsports

With deep roots in the automotive industry, Livernois Motorsports came into existence when founder Dan Millen followed a different path than his family’s prior two generations. Now, Millen’s company specializes in late-model Ford, GM, and Chrysler performance parts, service, and tuning, and has become a name known around the world. In

Shop Tour—Vengeance Racing Builds the Baddest GMs in the Nation

Written by Ainsley Jacobs Photos by Ainsley Jacobs Vengeance Racing (VR) has long been associated with building some of the quickest and fastest GM-based street cars, and we recently had the opportunity to take a tour of the shop, which offers late-model vehicle performance parts, performs installations, and provides tuning for GM

NMRA/NMCA Racers Run at DXP Sweet 16, DiDonato Runners Up in X275

Photos by Ainsley Jacobs Donald “Duck” Long’s races are notorious for featuring some of the toughest radial competition on the planet, with the quickest and fastest small tire cars battling it out for the ultimate in bragging rights and massive cash prizes. For the third iteration of the elite Sweet 16