SCT Livewire Vision Performance Monitor Hits the Market

The SCT Livewire Vision Performance Monitor (part# 5015PWD) puts your 1996 - 2020 Ford & GM vehicle's vital stats on display. The easy-to-use monitoring device includes the latest data logging capabilities to precisely measure each drive and uncover your vehicle's power potential. Review your vehicle's data and performance tests with

NOS Announces New Nitrous Controller

The new controller from NOS features two completely independent stages of nitrous/fuel control, each with independent throttle position activation switch and progressive ramps. It eliminates the need for a window switch with fully customizable RPM on/off control. It has two programmable outputs, allowing control of timing retard or other devices. The

SPAL Expands Lineup With New High-Performance Fans

SPAL's already extensive line of high-performance electric fans for automotive, motorcycle, ATV and oil-cooler applications has grown to include eight new models. Available in pusher or puller designs, with paddle, straight or curved blades, they provide airflow rates from 260-1628 CFM in a sleek, low-profile design. Power comes from dust-proof,

Comp Cams’ LST and HRT Performance Camshaft Packages Are Expertly Matched for Maximum Performance

Comp Cams' LST and  HRT Performance Camshaft Packages take the guesswork out of choosing the best valve train upgrade for your specific engine and desired performance. The Low Shock Technology behind the performance packages features lobe profiles designed to maximize horsepower, while improving stability at higher RPM. The profiles are