After Successful Factory Hot Rods Race, Plans Being Made for Next Year’s Race

By Mary Lendzion Photos courtesy of Jimmy Cantrell and Jacob Lamb With their wild wheelies and serious shifting, drivers of the G-Force Racing Transmissions Coyote Stock, Richmond Gear Factory Stock and Chevrolet Performance Stock presented by Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center are ones to watch at NMRA and NMCA events. They are as hardcore as

Flowmaster Offering New Universal 3-Inch FlowFX Muffler

Flowmaster is offering its new universal 3-inch FlowFX muffler. Flowmaster's FlowFX series mufflers are perfect for enthusiasts looking for an exhaust note that is different from the "chambered" muffler sound. The interior features a large 3" straight-through stainless steel perforated core, surrounded with high-temperature sound absorption materials. Featuring a reversible internal

Recent Runner-Up Hobson Hopes for Home Track Win at Nitto Tire NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl presented by HPJ Performance

By Mary Lendzion While it would have been completely understandable if it had taken Tony Hobson some time to become competitive in his new car, it didn’t. After selling his newer Mustang and purchasing an older Mustang from fellow NMRA VP Racing Madditives Street Outlaw driver Manny Buginga in January of this

FTI Performance Reintroduces the STX Series Converters

FTI Performance has reintroduced its STX series converters. Manufactured in DeLand, Florida, the STX series is a racing-specific converter designed in-house. The STX series 9.5” racing converters are designed specifically for street and race turbo applications making 800-1500 rear wheel horsepower. They feature FTI’s proprietary, in-house designed billet stator, which allows

TJ Strange and New Engine Coming on Strong in NMCA Dart NA 10.5 Presented by Diamond Pistons

By Mary Lendzion There are many reasons why the Dart NA 10.5 presented by Diamond Pistons category has been a fascinating fixture in the NMCA for so long. The engines are very energetic, the drivers are very engaged and the fans are very enthusiastic. Among those drivers is TJ Strange, who continues

Holley EFI Brings New Dual Injector Lo-Ram Base Manifold Kit to Market

Holley EFI has brought a new dual injector Lo-Ram base manifold kit to market. Available in black or natural cast finishes, the lower manifold is designed for dual injectors per cylinder. The Lo-Ram intake manifolds are designed for forced induction (supercharged or turbocharged) engine applications and will accept popular Hi-Ram plenum

UPR Products’ 2015-20 Mustang Stage 2 Pro-Street Package Introduced

All of the components of the winning UPR suspension system are now available in kit form. The UPR Products’ 2015-20 Mustang Stage 2 Pro-Street Package includes: UPR Billet IRS Subframe Bushing Cradle Lockout Kit/Billet IRS Subframe Braces: This 12-piece CNC Billet lockout/brace package eliminates the movement found in the OEM rubber bushings. Reduce wheel-hop

Aeromotive Opens One-Stop Customization Shop for Fuel Systems

Aeromotive, the leading manufacturer of aftermarket fuel systems and accessories, has opened an in-house Customization Shop for fuel systems. The program is designed to help builders and customizers find fuel system solutions for race cars, street rods, off-road vehicles, marine, powersports, heavy equipment and other vehicles. Using existing Aeromotive fuel pumps

Mattias Flamholc Preparing a Prime 1957 Bel Air for Racing

By Mary Lendzion Photos courtesy of Flamholc Racing While Mattias Flamholc was born in Sweden, he has traveled throughout the United States and other countries as a crew member for his father, Adam Flamholc. Mattias has seen Adam race to 3.60s at over 200 mph in his Corvette with a 526 cubic-inch Hemi

Holley Introduces New 1983-1997 Ford Mustang Fuel Pump Module

Holley is pleased to introduce its new 1983-1997 Ford Mustang fuel pump module, which places a 525LPH pump inside of a factory EFI tank. Holley's new direct-fit fuel pump module will drop into any 1983-1997 Ford Mustang EFI fuel tank without modifcations. It's designed to house a 525LPH fuel pump, and