Performance Product Showcase—March 2021

TorqStorm Superchargers has launched its new competition 2XR series. Generating 1200-plus horsepower, these new twin supercharger systems are robust and light. Weight is dramatically reduced by the elimination of belt-driven accessories usually unnecessary for competition vehicles. In addition, each supercharger is driven by its own auto tensioned 8-rib belt and

Volpe ready to vanquish the competition in Limited Drag Radial with legendary ride

Lynfield, Massachussetts’ Peter Volpe has his sights set on the Limited Drag Radial class and he’s bringing one of the most capable weapons with him to battle, that being the Racecraft-built 1993 Mustang formerly owned and campaigned by Josh Klugger and Fiscus/Klugger Racing. Volpe previously raced another Fox-Body notchback Mustang with

Twin Turbos to the Front!—Emelia Hartford’s C8 Corvette Kicks Out 1,022 horsepower

The C8 Corvette has been a head-turner since it broke cover, and as the late-model Corvette market has seen plenty of enthusiasts hotrodding LS- and LT-powered Corvettes over the past decade or more, it should come as no surprise that people are modifying Chevrolet’s latest incarnation of America’s sports car.

Dayco Aftermarket To Back Watson Racing Cobra Jet Mustangs

Wixom, MI (February 10, 2021)—Watson Racing is proud to announce Dayco as a new sponsor. Watson Racing and Dayco will team up to compete in both the NHRA SAMTech Factory Stock Showdown and NMCA Holley EFI Factory Super Cars, with drivers Chuck Watson Sr. and Chuck Watson Jr. at the

Team Real Speed Racing to field three cars at NMRA and NMCA season openers in March

The 2021 Holley NMRA and NMCA season openers are fast approaching, and the Clearwater, Florida-based Real Speed Racing crew is gearing up for a three-car attack on both events. Real Speed’s Walter Drakeford leads the crew with his 1986 Fox-Body Mustang, which has been outfitted with quite a few upgrades since

Hot Crate—Heat up your next project with Mopar’s 807-horsepower Hellcrate Redeye Supercharged HEMI crate engine

Written by Steve Turner Photography courtesy of FCA North America The horsepower wars are definitely raging on dealership lots, and no company revels in touting the output of its engine more than Dodge. However, these mega-powered modern engines are increasingly not limited factory machines. These days the company offers a wide variety

Muscular Manual—Building TREMEC six-speed manual capable of withstanding four-digit power and single-digit elapsed times

Written by Jesse Kiser Photography by the author It’s 2020 where twin-turbo junkyard LS engines are commonplace, a 275 is a small tire, and street-driven cars run sevens. An oft-overlooked element in the crowded staging lanes of 1,000-horsepower cars is the transmission. Automatics might win races, but six-speeds are just more fun.

Virtual Vegas—We perused the digital aisles of SEMA 360 in search of the high-performance hardware

By Steve Turner Photography courtesy of Specialty Equipment Market Association Each year the entire automotive aftermarket makes a pilgrimage to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the Specialty Equipment Market Association trade show. Known as the SEMA Show, this even fills the Las Vegas Convention Center and its surrounding parking lots with vehicles and