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Big Changes for Little Evil – New Mustang, New Motor, New Mayhem


By Ainsley Jacobs

Photo Courtesy of Spoold Media/Jordan Green

The Little Evil Racing team never sits still for long, and recently unveiled a beautiful new Fox body that’s been in the work for quite some time. Finally finished and ready to put the hurt on the 275 tire community, the latest iteration of “Little Evil” is more than meets the eye.

“It’s been quite a project and took longer than we wanted, but we wanted it to be perfect when it came out so we didn’t rush it,” explained Tracy Pearson, the beautiful and badass brains behind the operation that keeps driver and husband David Pearson on the straight and narrow down the drag strip.

The couple returned to their friend and trusted builder Teddy Houser Race Cars to do the honors, after having worked with THRC on two other projects. “We started on it last fall. We had the car at our shop and put the motor in, but Teddy built everything from start to finish,” explained Tracy of the ’93 Mustang LX coupe’s conversion to racecar status. Although the now double-frame rail Fox may look similar to the Pearsons’ prior pony, there were quite a few big changes for the Little Evil team along the way.

First and foremost, gone is the group’s former small block power. In its place sits a stock bore space, small cubic inch big block bullet built by David’s good friend Kevin Dalton with Wiseco pistons wrapped in Total Seal rings, cast aluminum heads, and a custom intake from Jared Thompson.

Although the Pearsons’ power adder brand of choice hasn’t changed – they’re loyal to Vortech Superchargers – the fuel type has. Atomizer injectors now spray alcohol into the chambers instead of gas, and the team’s former BigStuff3 engine management system has been upgraded to a new Holley Dominator with talented Tracy still handling the tuning. “So far, we love it,” she confirmed of the divergence from their past’s path.

A Proformance Transmissions TH400 with a PTC converter is a familiar setup for the Pearsons, as are the Menscer Motorsports shocks at all four corners and the UPR Products bits and pieces scattered throughout. Out back, a sheet metal 9” rear end built by Teddy Houser is in play, and the stock suspension has been scrapped in favor of a four-link configuration.

Schoneck Composites supplied the carbon fiber front end, hood, and doors, while Teddy Houston custom fabricated the wing for the finishing touch. Lastly, the husband and wife’s friend and designated go-to body guy, Josh Addison of Addison Paint and Body, absolutely knocked it out of the park spraying down the Fox’s outerwear.

“Our old car’s chassis needed updating, and we really just wanted something newer and more light weight. We started building for Radial Wars originally,” elaborated Tracy of the NMCA category that has since been retired, “so now we’re planning to run 28/275 shootouts, the rest of the Carolina No Time series, and Pro 275 at Donald Long’s races.”

Initial testing has already been completed with David behind the wheel, and the results were promising. The Pearsons put the inaugural shakedown runs on their new coupe this past Saturday at Shadyside Dragway in North Carolina, and although they spun on the first two runs due to high track temperatures, they patiently awaited the race to finish so they could make a final hit under better conditions. It was only a 300-foot run, but Tracy confirmed the new car ran within three numbers of the old car’s best 60-foot and half-track marks.

“Thanks to our kids for putting up with our hobby! We’re lucky because they love to go racing, too. And thanks so much to our fans for keeping us motivated,” added Tracy. And, of course, both the Pearsons send special thanks to the late Mustang Mike Modeste “for being our best friend and for teaching us everything we know” as they continue to race in honor of his memory.

Ainsley Jacobs
Ainsley Jacobs
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