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1,300hp Harrop-boosted, Godzilla Engine Powers Ford Falcon

Posted By: Steve Baur
We’ve covered the build and testing of this Ford Godzilla powerplant built by Dandy Engines and topped with a Harrop Engineering supercharger when the duo began the project, and now the powerplant has finally made its way into a clean Ford XA Falcon so the team can drive it on the street and get it on track to see just what this boosted combination can do.

Harrop Engineering is no stranger to boost vehicles as the company offers a number of superchargers for various applications. This Godzilla experiment is the company’s most recent development, and their supercharger for it uses a TVS 2650 rotor pack. Controlling the powerplant is a FuelTech EFI system. There is lots of interest from enthusiasts for performance aftermarket support, so we’re sure this will be a big hit going forward.

Engine builder Dandy Engines put together this beast and initial runs on the shop’s engine dyno produced over 1,000 hp, but it would seem that their Godzilla is now packing a bit more power. And now that the engine is in a vehicle, we get to see how the general fitment is, as well as how the vehicle performs. Check out the video to see more details and to hear the beast roar.

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