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Arrington Performance unveiled a full custom 1948 Chevrolet pick-up powered by hydrogen at the 2021 SEMA Show. Unlike other hydrogen-powered vehicles that use fuel cell technology, Arrington has built an internal combustion 6.2-liter Chevrolet LS that runs and drives like a traditional gas-powered hot rod, but is field by hydrogen. Prior to this technology, hydrogen has been limited to fuel cell technology, which is hydrogen converting to electricity with the use of a fuel cell. Hydrogen fuel cell technology creates electricity that is stored in batteries and then powers an electric motor, not a traditional internal combustion motor. I am beyond excited to show the world the possibilities with hydrogen as a true fuel source, said Mike Copeland, CEO of Arrington Performance. This will not only change the automotive industry, but the possibilities are endless for almost any internal combustion engine application. Decades of research and development has gone into hydrogen usage in an internal combustion engine. Releasing a conversion package will create a solution for current usage while enabling further research and development on non-automotive platforms. Working with key industry collaborators like Red Line Synthetic Oil and Bosch, enabled a solution that is robust and has a serves the widest audience possible. Bosch is highly invested in the overall topic of the hydrogen economy and this project is an exciting way to showcase the possibilities with hydrogen, said Charles Moore, powertrain engineering manager for Bosch Engineering Group, the engineering service division within Bosch. In an era of rapidly developing green automotive technologies and the need for necessary environmental protections, over 100 years of development and investment in the internal combustion engine is getting left behind. Additionally, not every motorized application (aeronautical, vessels, machinery, etc.) has a viable transition to alternative fuels or electricity. Hydrogen has long been known as a zero-emission fuel but so far, the full potential has not been leveraged as a direct power source to replace traditional fuels. Hydrogen powered internal combustion is a perfect solution and the hydrogen market is poised for rapid growth and waiting for industry-wide solutions to drive adoption. When Mike brought us in on this technology, we were all-in, said Justin Johnson, director, Red Line Oil. To extend the usefulness of the internal combustion engine and meet the emissions demands was a win-win for everyone. We can't wait to see people's jaws drop when they learn about this technology. Arrington has built a fully operational system based upon the ZERO technology and is prepared for full production as market demand ramps up. Pricing and availability will be dependent upon adoption and market readiness for hydrogen distribution.

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