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Ford Performance To Release 7.3L Godzilla Intake

Ford Performance To Release 7.3L Godzilla Intake
Race Pages is excited about the buzz surrounding the new 7.3L gasoline-burning Godzilla engine, as we've seen them in NMRA and NMCA competition. Despite being a truck engine, Ford Performance is offering it as a crate engine option, and with 445 cubes, it's going to be a winner. One downside to the truck variant of the engine is the upswept intake entry, that angles the throttle body upward, which can make swaps difficult.
Ford Performance solves this issue with its all-new intake, that was recently tested and produced a power gain over a stock truck intake, while also allowing for the throttle body to be in a much lower position.
The Godzilla engine features a dry intake, meaning there are no cooling passages, so swapping the intake is very simple. In addition, there is to RTV, just rubber gaskets sealing the ports. We were privy to one of the very first tests of a prototype intake at Willis Performance Engines. The Ford Performance intake was fitted to a Godzilla that had 11.0:1 compression, ported heads, an aftermarket cam and was run on 93-octane fuel. It produced 590 horsepower with the stock intake and over 605 with the Ford Performance unit. The intake is likely to become available in fall of 2022.

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