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No Prep Kings Race Roundup—Beech Bend Raceway Park

Posted By: Steve Baur
Written By Jennifer Chandler
Photography by Jennifer Chandler Photography

Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky, hosted a sold-out crowd for the sixth No Prep Kings event of the 2022 season. Fans waited in line for hours to get in the gate, and meet their favorite drivers. Competitors from NOLA, Texas, The 405, Ohio, California, and others were in attendance, and the event did not disappoint.
Friday night action included grudge racing (both Big Tire and Small Tire), and the battle of the Great 8. The Great 8 Race on Friday is a $15,000 shootout for the top eight drivers in the points standings. The winner gets twenty extra points on race day, and the Runner-Up receives ten extra points. Semi-Final match ups were Daddy Dave vs. Ryan Martin and Kye Kelley vs. Scott Taylor. Kye Kelley fought hard, but Martin was the last man standing in the Great 8 on Friday night. 
Friday night small-tire action found local Isaac Preston in his Ford Mustang named “Frankenstein” in the finals against well-known, no-prep racer Todd Spiers in “Wall Street.” Spiers was the faster man on Friday, and doubled up with the Small Tire win on Saturday night as well. Preston pulled off the win in the “Local 8” shootout hosted by Farmtruck and AZN for their show “Locals Only,” and got the opportunity to race Street Outlaw Jerry Bird. After the smoke cleared, Preston was declared the winner of the additional $5,000.

In Friday night big-tire grudge action, Disco Dean Karns AKA “Stinky Pinky” had some serious new-car blues in his grudge match with Larry Larson. Karns just debuted his new car last weekend at National Trail Raceway in Ohio in front of his hometown crowd, and he got the win light over Larson here in Bowling Green, but had serious motor issues during the run that resulted in a huge pop of fire. The pink Caddy was done for the weekend, as he broke the crankshaft, intake, and the blower. 

Friday night also brought us a four-man grudge race with a purse of $25,000. Each driver threw $5,000 in the pot, and another $5K was added on top. Stephen Brindle and Jim Howe Jr were the first pair down, and Brindle won that pairing. John Odom and Justin Swanstrom were next, and Swanstrom crossed the stripe first in his Lexus. That left Brindle and Swanstrom in the final round, and ultimately Stephen Brindle took home the money.

Saturday morning brought a short sprinkling of rain, and a lot of hot weather, but It also brought some fantastic racing action as well. Whether you wanted to see Big Tire, Small Tire, or the local guys, there was action for everyone. In short, the stands were packed, the crowd was electric. Kentucky fans showed up, and showed out in a big way, as Beech Bend Raceway Park was the place to be over the weekend.

Manny Buginga in “Fred” has been a force in the Future Street Outlaws class. The Massachusetts resident had won the last three events, however this race would turn out a little different. In his first-round match up, Buginga red lit. He then entered Outlaw Big Tire, and went through a host of big contenders to wind up in the finals against none other than Shawn Ellington (Murder Nova.) After the bulbs lit, Team Buginga was first to the stripe, and picked up their first win in Outlaw Big Tire.
Future Street Outlaws has some heavy hitters all vying for a chance to be invited to the “big show.” Stephen Brindle made it through several tough competitors to wind up in the finals against Greg Chandler in Twisted Metal. Brindle took the stripe in his 2019 Ford Mustang to clinch the win in the Future Street Outlaws class.
It's no secret that Ryan Martin is a tough competitor in the Invitational class. Some would even say he's the man to beat. Everyone is gunning for him, and they have even put a bounty on his head for whoever can beat him to the stripe. This event started with 32 racers trying to get the elusive No Prep Kings win. After four rounds of racing, we were left with Ryan Martin (a seasoned pro) in the Fireball Camaro, and new racer, John Odom, in his screw-blown GTR. Martin got his 3rd win in a row at Beech Bend Raceway, and is currently the points leader with Kye Kelley in 2nd place, and Jerry Bird in 3rd. We'll see what the next race of the season in Brainerd, Minnesota brings to the point standings. As for Bowling Green, it was a huge success!

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