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No Prep Kings Race Roundup—Houston Raceway Park 2022

Posted By: Steve Baur
Written By Jennifer Chandler
Photography by the Author

On a hot, steamy weekend in Baytown, Texas, Street Outlaws No Prep Kings took over Houston Raceway Park. It was a sweltering weekend full of mishaps. With a good crowd in attendance, many of the cars struggled to get down the super greasy track. No track prep meant no glue, and it was a wild ride for some.

Grudge action on Friday night was just that for Brody Melton, in his silver Big Booty Judy, blown Camaro. Melton made a decent pass, but when he pulled his parachute, it didn't deploy. That left him hard on the brakes, and his pedal broke. With no brakes and no chutes, he went for a 150mph ride through the sand traps, into a field, and through 2 fences. Melton was extremely shaken up, but fortunately uninjured.

Scott Taylor

In other action on Friday night, Kayla Morton was making her last hit of the night when a fuel line ruptured. Morton said she felt the motor go lean, grabbed the chutes, and managed to slow down enough to minimize some of the damage to the Hot Mess Express. The car sustained enough damage to end her weekend, and it will go in for repairs before the next race in Tulsa.

Small tire racer Eric Stubbs also had issues in his run against Luis Hidalgo. Immediately following his gear change in his pass, his car got loose, spun into the other lane, and made impact with Hidalgo. Both drivers were uninjured, and Hidalgo managed to make the call for the next round. Friday night's small-tire victory went to Daniel Pachar.

Great 8 round one brought us the top eight in points facing off for an extra stack of cash, and a chance at extra points in the chase to the championship. First pair down the track was Kye Kelley and Scott Taylor, with Taylor picking up the win over Kelley. Justin Swanstrom sustained damage to his car in round one of the Great 8 when he faced off with Lizzy Musi. She won the battle to the stripe, while Swanstrom got squirrelly on the big end, and tapped the wall. The Great 8 Finals came down to Musi and Ryan Martin, who was the victor this time.

Ryan Martin

Saturday brought more steamy weather, and a still-greasy track. Scott Taylor, who bested Ryan Martin last week in round one, got the win in Outlaw Big Tire over Boddie Jr., while Marty Robertson in his “Bad Fish” Barracuda grabbed the Future Street Outlaw win. Gordon Smith doubled up with wins both Friday and Saturday night in 7.0 class. In Saturday night's Small Tire finals, Toby Nock was victorious when Friday winner, Daniel Pachar, timed out on the tree. In the Locals Only class, Dylan Wells defeated Bo Brown to win $5,000 and a chance to run Chris “Boosted GT” Hamilton for additional prize money. Hamilton was the victor in that match up.

Round one of the invitational was pushed back due to the heat. About halfway through round one, James Strang, in his 2002 Camaro, lined up with Swanstrom. Strang’s weekend came to an abrupt halt when his converter grenaded in the burnout box. Strang, who is no stranger to No Prep Kings, had fired up the car for the first time on Friday after he kicked a rod at the Kentucky race.

Round two brought a multitude of wins in the left lane. Only Ryan Martin and Shawn Wilhoit were able to overcome the right-lane blues. Round Three winners were “Daddy Dave” Comstock, Ryan Martin, Lizzy Musi, and Robin Roberts. Semi-Final match ups saw Martin over Roberts, and Musi over Comstock. The invitational final round was a repeat of the Great 8 from the previous night. Ryan Martin will go down in history as the winner of the last race at Houston Raceway Park. Next up, is Tulsa Raceway Park, after a much-needed break during the month of July.

Houston Raceway Park has held many prestigious events. For many years, it has played host to NHRA drag racing events. The Baytown Texas facility held its first ever Street Outlaws No Prep Kings event over the weekend. Sadly, after 35 historic years of drag racing, when the track shut the lights off after the event Saturday night, it was for the final time. Houston Raceway Park, like many others lately, will close permanently this year.

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