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Saturday Coverage—2022 NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Street-Legal Drag Racing presented by Fuelab

Posted By: Steve Baur
The 2022 NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Street-Legal Drag Racing presented by Fuelab begins Saturday with a short test and tune session followed by additional qualifying runs, as well as True Street, and HEMI Shootout competition. If the schedule permits, we will be running the first round of eliminations this evening for index classes over 17 cars, as well as Xtreme Renegade and Coyote Stock. Check the run schedule below and be sure to check back here throughout the day for continuous event updates from the pits and on track.

Tony Karamitsos is no stranger to TorqStorm True Street here in the NMCA, and he’s here once more to take home the crown. Karamitsos has owned his 1969 Camaro since 1997, and has built it up into the 7-second capable machine that it is today. The E85-burning engine is a diminutive 400ci small-block Chevy built with help from Ultra Tech and Performance Tech and boosted by a 98mm Precision turbocharger and PT2000 intercooler. Wired by Nitrous Dave’s Electronics and tuned with a Holley EFI system, the powerplant has put down 1,700 hp to the tires. Karamitsos is hoping to set a personal best this weekend and improve on the 7.93 at 174 mph run he’s already clocked.

Tom Moss, picked up this unique 1951 Henry J from Dave Granger, who campaigned the car in NMCA ARP Nitrous Pro Street a few times. Moss bought the car as a roller, and has temporarily stuffed a 396 big-block Chevy in it just to make some hits. He is having CNC Motorsports build a 598ci big-block Ford for the car and will be topping it off with a 14-71 blower as well. Moss plans to put the Henry J to work in Top Sportsman classes once the engine upgrade is complete.

Reigning VP Racing Lubricants Xtreme Pro Mod champ Chip King currently sits second in qualifying here at World Wide Technology Raceway. His Mustang Pro Mod suffered a missed shift during the second round of qualifying and zinged the engine, so the team was changing out the connecting rods just to be safe.

Ronnie Moss has been competing in the NMRA since 2002, mostly driving his 1963 Mercury Marauder in Open Comp competition. This weekend, he’s debuting a new race car, this 1962 Mercury Comet that he picked up out of a junkyard. Moss decided to keep the patina, and it has been continually updated as the work has progressed on the car. “It sat behind a barn for 18 years after I bought it, and one day I was out bushhogging and decided I needed to finish it.” The Comet is powered by a 598ci, CNC Motorsports-built, big-block Ford that wears SVO A460 cylinder heads and a Littlefield 14-71 supercharger. Mechanical injection provides the M1 methanol fuel, and Moss is thinking the car will be too fast for ARP Open Comp once he makes some full hits on the car.

Jason and Leigh Ann Wagoner of Georgetown, Indiana, are here with this 1991 Mustang that they purchased from Phillip King. Jason has a GT500 that he’s been racing, but wanted something a little lighter and less valuable than the Shelby to race with. The Fox body is packing a London Chassis Dyno-built Coyote with a VMP supercharger that makes 915 to the tire, and Jason is hoping to collect the 9.00-second win in TorqStorm Superchargers True Street today.

Kim Mapes of Watson Racing is enjoying the benefits of wireless tuning these days, and the majority of the Watson Racing customers have been converted over to Big Stuff 3 Gen IV EFI. The new system allows Mapes to wirelessly program each vehicle from one location provided the cars all have the battery power turned on. Not only does it save time bouncing from car to car, but he’s been able to do away with cables to connect his laptop as well.

It’s a family affair in VP Racing Madditives Renegade racer Alton Clements camp. “We outsource the engine’s machine work,” Alton says, “but dad puts it all together.” Behind the formidable small block is a Keith Neal Turbo 400, and for this race he is trying a new converter. At the Rockingham race a couple weeks that converter was too loose, and the new one in the car is just a tad too tight, but Clements says the converter is laying nice with the car’s tune, which he handles via a Fueltech FT600 engine management system. “With the air here this weekend, it’s a battle,” Clements says, but he went on to say everyone has to deal with it, so it’s still a level playing field. Since making the switch to alcohol he has enjoyed not chasing bags of ice, but there is added maintenance between races cleaning injectors and lines. So far, here at the Superbowl, after 2 qualifying rounds, Clements sits 5th with a 4.73. “We’ll be looking for 4.60s today,” he says.

VP Racing Madditives Renegade racer Becki Cram has become more comfortable at the wheel of her 2010 Mustang. That comfort level has helped make her a competitor no one wants to see in the other lane. Tuner and husband Joe Cram added they have changed their approach to tuning the car, as well, with more emphasis on getting down the track, making solid passes in the process. So far, after 2 qualifying rounds, Becki sits in the 4th spot with a 4.72.

Chevrolet Performance Stock points leader Glenn Pushis wasn’t going to be able to spend the weekend at World Wide Technology Raceway at Gateway, but wanted to at least grab some points for teching in and qualifying before heading off to his daughter’s college graduation. After conferring with Doug Thompson, a plan was hatched where Pushis would qualify in his spare CPS car, a Fourth-Gen Camaro previously campaigned by Heath Shemwell, and Factory Super Cars Driver Jason Dietsch would pilot Pushis’ CRC Camaro and hopefully steal some points from his competitors. We’ll see how it all plays out during eliminations.

David Monday needed to change out the rear gear in his David Monday Race Cars Corvette after last night’s qualifying run. His teammate, Tom Blincoe, is ready to rock according to team tuner and PTP Racing co-owner, Patrick Barnhill. Blincoe currently sits third in VP Racing Lubricants Xtreme Pro Mod points, with Monday following up in 11th.

Carter Motorsports founder Brandon Carter aired out his 2003 Mustang Cobra during X275 qualifying. The St. Louis-based team made some suspension changes to counter the wheelie as they get the chassis to work with the new close-ratio automatic transmission. Carter’s Cobra packs an in-house-built 400ci small-block Ford engine and 88mm Forced Inductions turbocharger and has run a best of 4.45 with the previous transmission.

Chad Galloway has seemingly brought a knife to a gunfight, as his Second-Gen Camaro has run a best of 9.77 in the quarter-mile and the number-one qualifier in Dart NA 10.5 is Don Baskin with a 7.92. Galloway and his team built the car from the ground up, and it’s 496ci big-block Chevy engine provides bracket-like consistency, so we’ll have to see how they do in eliminations as the top contenders are often on the knife edge of traction and performance.

Scott Conley has been racing with the NMCA for about six years, and his 1964 Plymouth is a perfect fit for his category of choice, Quick Fuel Technology Nostalgia Super Stock. It's powered by a 540 cubic-inch Hemi, and it has carried Conley to several quarter-final finishes while oozing oodles of character. The Ohioan has been shuffling weight around in his car during qualifying to get it just right for the conditions this weekend, but he’s aiming for the 10.00 index and the NMCA Winner’s Circle. “I like that the Nostalgia Super Stock category is old school, and there are no electronics in it,” said Conley. “Also, the racers are really easy to get along with.”

John Hixon’s Buick GSX is one of the coolest cars in MagnaFuel Open Comp, and it definitely runs as good as it looks. Over winter, Hixon, out of Illinois, had his car at Straightline Performance, where it received a new fabricated 9-inch rear end and was narrowed. It also sits lower, and Hixon, who made some test passes to dial in the changes before making this his first NMCA event of the year, said it has responded well to the upgrades. Hixon, whose daughters, Morgan and Savannah, are his crew chiefs this weekend, plans to put a 9.76 dial on his car for MagnaFuel Open Comp, where he is currently qualified in the fourteenth spot out of 33 fellow competitors with an .027 reaction time. He also plans to take part in a bit of Bracket Mayhem as well.

ARP Nitrous Pro Street racer Bill Garrock noticed that his car’s performance was dropping ff down track and traced the issue to a fuel system that was dropping pressure. He and his team hooked up with Weldon Performance’s Jim Craig here at the event and they got to installing the new regulator and fuel pump for the final qualifying run today.

NMRA Street Outlaw champion Phil Hines is back racing with the NMRA in the X275 category. Hines’ Mustang was down for 10 months while he had Rogue Race Cars cut the old front end off and weld a new one on. During that time, the Ohio-based racer also switched over to FuelTech EFI with help from Craig Pachar on the tuning side. Underneath the hood is a new BES Racing Engines 445ci bullet and ProCharger’s F3X-12R supercharger. 

The UPR Products Show & Shine brought out some fine-looking machines today and, of course, the action continues tomorrow as well. Perhaps the best part is that the grandstands are located right behind the car show area for easy access.

There’s quite a sentimental story behind Keith Seymore’s 1974 Chevelle. His father bought it new for his mother, and when she was done driving it several years later, Seymore took it over and started racing it in 1978. He has fun, and holds his own in Detroit Truetrac Nostalgia Muscle as well as TorqStorm Superchargers True Street, with help from the big-block Chevy built by Scott Williams under his hood. Seymore, who had a spark plug pop off earlier in the weekend, pulled off a 10.06 on a 10.00 to qualify in the fourteenth spot in Detroit Truetrac Nostalgia Muscle, and is ready for the first round of eliminations in that category as well as TorqStorm Superchargers True Street.

Terry Ryan of Cascade Locks, Oregon, has been playing in X275 in the eastern half of the country for the past several years. His 1989 Mustang packs a Bennett Racing 400U small-block Ford engine and is fed pressurized air via a Precision Turbo 80mm turbocharger. Josh Lyndsey handles the tuning on the FuelTech EFI and Steve Klug handles the maintenance for the Mustang. “Track Momma” Deborah Fletcher takes care of the travel plans and organization for the team, which has claimed recent wins at the 2021 Shakedown, Lights Out, and Magic 8. Mutual friend Cal Hartline connected Ryan with Pro 275/LDR Racer Frank Mewshaw who performs the driving duties, and Mewshaw told us their car excels in tricky hot tracks. The team qualified third and will face Terry Smith on Sunday in the first round of eliminations.

Mickey Thompson X275 racer Eric Moore and his crew, like everyone else here at the SuperBowl have battled the heat and the track surface since unloading. With a Disomma Racing Engines 430-inch small block featuring Edelbrock Glidden Victor heads taking boost from a Precision 88mm single turbo, and with Joe Oplawski from Hyperaktive Performance Solutions handling the tune via a Fueltech FT600, the team saved their best pass for the last round of qualifying with a 4.34 at 171 mph to land in the 2nd spot going into eliminations. Behind the hot small block is a Proformance Transmissions 2-speed 400, while the chassis was constructed by Josh Lindsey. Moore and the crew zero in on what the chassis and suspension wants using Menscer shocks.    

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