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Schoneck Composites & Cynergy Composites partner on Pro Mod Fox Mustang body

In the early 1990s, a new type of high-performance niche emerged as the 5.0-liter Mustang claimed the mantle of leader in the street/strip wars. The leading category in this type of racing became known as Pro 5.0. It enjoyed a popular and influential life cycle for nearly 15 years as it ran through the 2008 NMRA racing season. Over that time period, we watched racers climb to national stardom and the ultra competitiveness helped stimulate technological advances in aftermarket EFI, turbochargers, and centrifugal superchargingjust to name a few areas. As evolution sent the category away, its history lives on with passionate fans and racers who lived through those impressive times. Case in point, Schoneck Composites recently teamed up with Cynergy Composites to recreate the legendary and popular Fox Mustang for the highest levels of door-slammer drag racing. The result is a Pro Modified-style shell, doors, and front clip available in carbon fiber with several aerodynamic advantages built into the replica bodies. The collaborators used 3D CAD computer modeling and CFD airflow analysis to ensure it is as slick as it looks. It is designed to fit a 112- to 113-inch wheelbase chassis and features the NHRA-legal 45-inch front overhang. Since this body's primary use is Pro Modified and Top Sportsman racing, there is ample room for 36-inch tire clearance. The rear deck/spoiler height sits a scant 26 inches from the racing surface. The companies began taking orders immediately after announcing the new body, and there is a 16- to 25-week build time for these custom bodies.

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