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VP Trigger Hose Is A Push-Button Solution To Easier Fueling

VP Trigger is a patented push-button, self-venting, control flow valve that's developed for use with 5-gallon Motorsport Containers. It takes seconds to install and makes refueling extremely efficient and a breeze. Simply tilt your container and press the Trigger button for flow and release the Trigger button to quickly stop the flow. As a result of its unique no-spill design, you can say goodbye to the days of watching fuel spill on your expensive vehicle, graphics, or the floor, which is common when using a ball valve or straight tube to refuel. VP Racing's Trigger Hose (Part number 33320 ) is available in single quantities or by the case (33320-02). Contact VP Racing Fuels for more information at (844) 737-0900 or visit them online at

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