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Where It All Started-Erson Cams

Posted By: Steve Baur
Written by Ainsley Jacobs
Photography courtesy of the manufacturer

In Southern California, Sig Erson founded his own entity, Erson Cams, in 1964 with a goal of producing the best possible cams for all types of racing. Now, the company is a part of PBM Performance, but still retains its original roots by providing racers top-quality valvetrain components capable of making power without sacrificing reliability.
“Sig Erson had a great reputation for making camshafts and components that produced a lot of power, but that were designed to be easy on the valvetrain,” noted Jack McInnis, Marketing Director of the PBM Performance Group. When a racer upgraded to an Erson cam, it was a mark of prestige and garnered respect from their peers. 

The Erson name became extremely popular and well-respected amongst old-school hot rodders. As its reputation for producing parts that enabled racers to compete more and repair less, the company soon grew to encompass other markets such Top Fuel, Funny Car, diesel truck, tractor pulling, circle track (dirt and asphalt), off-road, land speed racing, marine, and more.
“Sig retired, and the company changed hands a few times, but it developed a huge presence in NHRA Top Fuel and Funny Car racing and many big names won with Erson,” elaborated McInnis of the roster which included greats such as John Force, Tony Pedregon, and Cruz Pedregon, Eddie Hill, and others. 

Around 2006, PBM acquired Erson and the manufacturer moved from its then-home in Nevada to join the PBM Performance family of brands in Louisville, Kentucky. The company developed a complete line of valvetrain product and related components with new designs and enhanced quality to offer state-of-the-art systems as well as complete race and performance engine packages. Erson also offers custom-ground cams with quick turnaround times.
Being based in the United States, using American-made componentry, and having a strong commitment to customer service are all key aspects of the company.
“A lot of our employees are enthusiasts who race or have hot rods, so teams are experts with practical, hands-on skill and knowledge,” McInnis shared of how the group is proud to be a part of the racing community. “We especially enjoy working with racers from the NMRA and NMCA, and we strive to supply and support them with quality components.”
Whether it’s the off-the-shelf or custom camshafts from Erson for Ford, Chevy, or GM applications, the engine blocks and cylinder heads of World Products, or the other aftermarket parts and internal components supplied by PBM Performance, the Group delivers what racers need to assemble complete horsepower packages with tried-and-true, trusted pieces ideal for various types of motorsports including street, drag racing, oval track, and more.

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