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Where It All Started—Unlimited Products

Posted By: Steve Baur
Written by Ainsley Jacobs
Photography courtesy of the manufacturer

What was once a dwindling business became a booming enterprise thanks to a few strategic advertisements and the belief that there was something great waiting to surface. Today, Unlimited Products ships fiberglass components worldwide and supplies performance enthusiasts with the body parts and panels they need.
In 1970, drag racing enthusiast John Miller founded the company and began selling his wares out of a small, 1,000-square-foot building in San Bernardino, California, with only one employee. Miller began by making fiberglass parts and hood scoops for Chevrolet Camaros, but soon expanded to other models such as the Chevelle and Ford Maverick.

“His customers were Southern California speed shops and he did very little business nationwide,” explained Nick Adams, owner of Unlimited Products since 1976. “One of my friends who worked for him told me he wanted to sell, so I put up the $6,500 and realized there was a profitable business there.”
Adams took over and ran Unlimited Products, still in its infancy, with only one employee as well. Thanks to prompting from a friend, Paul Gommi, Adams placed a full-page ad for his company in NHRA’s National Dragster magazine. “I borrowed the $600, Paul took pictures in his driveway in Los Angeles somewhere, and things took off!” laughed Adams, whose investment yielded dividends as he quickly began getting orders for hoods throughout the United States.
As Unlimited Products grew, Adams relocated operations to Anaheim, added more employees, and expanded a few more times. He also expanded his advertising reach, including placements in magazines such as Super ChevyPopular Hot Rodding, and Car Craft.

By 1990, Adams had to move Unlimited Products once again. “We were in Corona with an 18,000-square foot building and 43 employees,” he recalled of the company’s early days, which also included traveling the country to follow the NHRA circuit. “It was a tough industry, though, dealing with resins and restrictions from the South Coast Air Quality Management District on fumes from volatile organic compounds.”
Inspired by a magazine article he read about a local spa manufacturer, Adams purchased $100,000 worth of emissions credits from the state of California and was able to keep his business running. “If I hadn’t done that, we wouldn’t be here right now,” Adams affirmed.

Roughly a decade later, Adams moved the company one final time to Hesperia. He purchased and developed several acres of land to accommodate two individual 20,000-square foot manufacturing buildings. In 2003, Unlimited Products acquired the well-known sport fishing boat manufacturer Skipjack to begin its marine division.
Today, Unlimited Products is still in Hesperia and manufactures all of its more than 3,000 hand-laid fiberglass parts—including hoods, front ends, doors, trunk lids, fenders, seats, blower inlets, hood scoops, and more—in-house using premium materials as a smart alternative to steel that won’t rust or dent. The shipping department and business offices are all on-site as well, and customers can place their orders either online, over the phone, or in person.
Specializing in components for 1960s-1980s muscle cars, Unlimited Products services many racers from the NMRA and NMCA, as well as Street Outlaws stars including Daddy Dave, with the parts they need to look good and reduce their cars’ weight for quicker elapsed times and better performance. 

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