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Breaking News—DeWayne Mills Reveals Highly-Anticipated No Prep Camaro


It has been a car that went from quiet grumblings to reality over the past year—DeWayne Mills has a new racecar that is built specifically for No Prep events, taking aim at the Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings series. The team was seen testing it at Orlando Speed World this past week.

The new 1968 Camaro is nearly identical to his world-famous Golden Gorilla that has brought him back-to-back No Mercy wins (2016 and 2017), two NMCA championships, First-to-3.60s honors in Radial vs. The World, and countless records along the way. If anyone thinks the No Prep version of the Golden Gorilla won’t be every bit as impressive, then that person is just a hater.

In the world of No Prep racing the times are kept a secret as if it is street racing, despite the fact there are rules in place just like heads-up class racing. We know the car was built by Larry Jeffers Race Cars and it began life as a legit 1968 Camaro with steel quarter panels and roof, as required by the rules. A massive wing hangs off the back to help plant the massive Mickey Thompson Bubba Grande slicks. And the one-piece front-end and doors came from the carbon shop at Larry Jeffers Race Cars.

Under the hood is a Pro Line Racing 548ci Outlaw HEMI, complete with Alan Johnson billet block and cylinder heads, Visner billet intake manifold, and a couple of Precision turbochargers of unknown dimensions. If the car goes to the TV series races, then it will most likely carry a couple of Precision XPR 88mm turbochargers, fully capable of creating well in excess of 3,000hp. For the events without rules, then we would expect to see a set of rather large 102mm versions of those turbos get bolted on. After all, that combination helped Mills cruise into the 3.60s on a set of Mickey Thompson drag radials in 2018.

We would be lying if we said we knew what it runs, but our using experience and a guesstimate, it isn’t a stretch of the imagination that the car will go into the 3s and over 200 mph. And with crew chief Tim Davis and Pro Line Racing’s Jamie Miller handling the power management and tuning, we expect Mills to be a contender in a very short time.

Mike Galimi
Mike Galimi is the Director of Content & Marketing at ProMedia Publishing and Events with nearly 20 years of experience in motorsport writing and photography.