Hustle Darling—Haley James’ found her calling at the racetrack and is still rising to incredible success

Written by Ainsley Jacobs Photography by Kevin DiOssi In a community that fosters cutthroat competition, it’s easy to become hostile and hardheaded. Haley James, however, has found a way to channel her ambition into tremendous success without losing a trace of her humanity. Growing up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, it was a given

Building Barn-Burning Speed—Charlie Barnes put his years of experience crewing for other racers to good use in his own heads-up racecar

Written By Steve Baur Photography By Kevin DiOssi While Hughesville, Maryland’s Charlie Barnes may have just got his feet wet in heads-up racing with the NMRA this year, he’s been around cars and helping out on them since he was 8 years old. Now, he’s finally put all of that experience and

Race, Rescue, Repeat—Bryan Williams found his calling driving the Wheelybird in LME Street King

Written by Ainsley Jacobs Photography by Rudy Rouweyha Some people are lucky enough to be born into motorsports families, and some find their passion later in life. No matter when a driver’s career starts, it’s something to be taken seriously and with full-throttle determination. Bryan Williams was one of the latter, as

Boss Lady—Kristen Li’s Boss 302 is a 1,400hp Test Bed for BL Fabrications

By Steve Turner Photography by Steve Turner and courtesy of BL Fabrication Whoosh. A red Mustang streaks by. The unmistakable sound of a blow-off valve exhales as the throttle lifts. Upon closer inspection, this is no ordinary pony car, it is a 2013 Boss 302. A special stallion engineered by Ford to

Iron Plan—Tri-athlete Isaac Reed has a strategy for success with his turbocharged, 427-cube Camaro Z28

  Written by Steve Turner Photography by Kevin Diossi As the call to the lanes echoes from the speakers, the pressure is on. Racing a 1,200-horsepower turbocharged Camaro is no simple task. The team has a plan. Before Isaac Reed fires up the 427-cube LS, there are things to attend to. His son

Turbo Jet—The Twin Turbo Cobra Jet concept teased the potential of the quarter-mile performance path not taken

Written by Steve Turner Photography by Kevin Diossi A crowd forms around the stage at Ford’s well-placed display at the center of the action in Las Vegas. For a week, this is the center of the automotive aftermarket world. It is the SEMA Show, circa 2012. The Blue Oval’s performance division, which

True Ironman—Randy Seward takes the ultimate road trip in his True Street Mustang

Written by Derek Putnam Photography by Randy Seward An ironman can be defined as an exceptionally strong or robust man, or in conjunction with a triathlon, a long-distance race where competitors participate in a combination of swimming, cycling, and running. For nearly a decade, Randy Seward proved that he and his ’92

Where It All Started—Central Florida Motorsports

Written byAinsley Jacobs Photography courtesy of Central Florida Motorsports  When motivation meets determination, great things happen. Driven by his entrepreneurial nature and his performance passion, Hector Navarro started Central Florida Motorsports in 1996 with nothing more than a little idea and a lot of dedication. His story isn’t the typical started-in-a-home-garage one, as

Addicted To That Rush—From the impound lot to the winner’s circle, Andy Manson’s only Mustang started an obsession

Written by Steve Turner Photography by Kevin Diossi A symphony of raw power percolates out of the headers. As the huge billet engine revs and the ProCharger F-1X-12 builds boost, Andy Manson unleashes the fury as he lets go of the transbrake button. The tires dig in and trust his trusty 1996