Back in the Show — Steve Halprin’s Mustang honors a long legacy of racing

Written by Ainsley Jacobs Photography by Kevin DiOssi Few names in the Ford crowd are revered as much as Don Walsh Jr. and the late Steve Grebeck. Steve Halprin, however, has had the distinct honor of having spent much of his life with both men, and learned the ropes of racing from

Woody’s Weapon—Mark Woodruff stocks up on performance so his 1969 Camaro is ready for action

Written by Ainsley Jacobs Photography by Kevin DiOssi An ever-present name in the radial-tire racing world, Mark Woodruff has the reputation of being one of the best—both on track and in the pits. Carrying a rightfully deserved standing, “Woody,” as he’s commonly known, has worked through major ups and downs over the

Nitrous-Fueled Family—Bound by drag racing, this team became a family on and off the track

Written By Steve Baur Photography By Kevin DiOssi One of the great things about racing is that despite the competitive nature of racers in general, they often share a camaraderie that can lead to long-term partnerships and friendships. Such is the case with Rob Orofiamma and Anthony, Domenic, and Frank DiRienzo who

The Evil That Men Do—Michael Washington’s Coyote-swapped Pure Evil Fox Mustang coupe destroys records

Written By Steve Baur Photography by Kevin DiOssi Coyote-swapping Fox-Body Mustangs is all the rage, and at the forefront of that trend was longtime NMRA racer Michael Washington, who shelved his pushrod powerplant and dropped in a 5.0-liter Coyote engine into his Mustang to go Coyote Stock racing way back in 2013. While

Young Gun—Daniel Spurgeon jumped from motorcycle racing into heads-up drag racing

Written by Ainsley Jacobs Photography by Kevin DiOssi Parents always want the best for their children, and often sacrifice so that their progeny can develop into prodigies. Paul Spurgeon is no different, and, when his son, Daniel Spurgeon, decided to get into drag racing, Paul went all in and the two built

Twice Bitten—Dwayne Hickman’s second Shelby serpent packs a potent bite

Written by Ainsley Jacobs Photography by Kevin DiOssi With an affection for Shelby Mustangs, Dwayne Hickman couldn’t help adding a black-with-white-stripes ’10 Shelby GT500 to his collection in early 2019. After campaigning his familiar white-with-black-stripes ’11 Mustang GT500 in NMRA competition, he added its counterpart, and the serpent has already shown it

A Long Time Coming—Clair Stewart II’s Coyote Stock championship was worth the wait

Written by Ainsley Jacobs Photography by Kevin DiOssi Growing up in Indiana not far from the racing capital of the world, there was no doubt that Clair Stewart II would follow in his father’s motorsports footsteps with a racing career of his own. A dedicated drag racer who has been actively involved

Bonded by Racing—The Slone brothers bring a family racing tradition full circle with their pair of Camaros

Written By Steve Baur Photography by Kevin DiOssi and the FSC Staff When you have three sons, there’s a good chance that at least one of them might be interested in your hobby. For the Slone family, it was all three boys, Tim, Rodney, and Jackie Jr., who followed their father and

Once a Racer, Always a Racer—How Bruce Maichle found his way back to heads-up racing

Written By Steve Baur Photography by Kevin DiOssi Despite having parents that weren’t interested in cars for anything more than basic transportation, Bruce Maichle’s parents had good taste in them, with Dad driving a ’68 GTO, and Mom wheeling a ’70 Dodge Dart. “I’ve always liked cars and by the time I was

Historic Hot Rod—Billy Glidden’s beloved black Mustang is back in action

Written by Mary Lendzion Photography and Video by Kevin DiOssi, Steve Baur, and Dr. Rudy Rouweyha Whether it was a weekday, weeknight, or weekend, Billy Glidden could be found helping his father, Bob Glidden, work on his race cars throughout his childhood. He doesn’t remember having many days off, but he does