Taking Stock—Darin Hendricks persevered to the pinnacle of Coyote Stock racing, and he’s not done yet

Written by Ainsley Jacobs Photography by Kevin DiOssi In drag racing, much like in life, there are highs and there are lows. The fleeting glow of success can quickly be offset by its less enjoyable counterpart, but a true racer always continues on. Growing up, Darin Hendricks didn’t have anyone to turn

Not Your Daddy’s Caddy—Your father never drove a Cadillac CTS-V like Camp and John Stanley’s Pro Mod

Written by Ainsley Jacobs Photography by Kevin DiOssi Drag racing is inherently punk rock. There’s something rebellious about strapping oneself to a machine making several thousand horsepower and flying down a strip of concrete with the only concern being how quick the car can go. Nothing matters except beating the guy in the

Texas Twosome—Miles and Krystie Wagoner share a love of racing fast Mustangs

Written by Steve Turner Photography by Kevin DiOssi Rolling into the burnout box, ROUSH Performance Super Stang racer Miles Wagoner flicks the paddle shifter into first and smokes the tires. Mindful of his surroundings, he slithers to the starting line in his boosted S550. He clicks on the datalogger, checks his dial-in,

Birds of a Feather—How a pair of Pontiacs forged a friendship on and off the track

Written by Derek Putnam Photography by Kevin DiOssi Many of us look back fondly on high school and remember time spent with friends, hobbies and sports, as well as figuring out a career path. Some acquire a first car that makes an impact powerful enough that it stays with the owner for

Direct Injection Technology In Drag Racing—John Urist switches to DI in 2,000HP Mustang

By Steve Turner Photos by the FSC Staff An injector solenoid pulses, releasing fuel pushed out by over 2,000 psi. A cloud of fine droplets hangs in the air. It’s an impressive sight to behold, but for John Urist it was a eureka moment for his NMRA VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw

We’re Keeping It Going—Jeff Frees Continues The Winning Tradition With His 2010 Mopar // Dodge Challenger Drag Pak

Written By Steve Baur Photography by Kevin DiOssi   Truth be told, Jeff Frees wasn’t looking to buy the car when Jim Bailey put his 2010 Mopar // Dodge Challenger Drag Pak up for sale in 2018. “I got to be friends with Jim Bailey because we bought a house down in Bradenton, Florida,


Written by Steve Baur Photography by Kevin DiOssi As the Internet goes, there are all sorts of records that people claim for this and that, but the hardest ones to earn carry the fewest notations about the record. In the case of Yandro Ulloa’s Minion Mustang, it’s simply the quickest H-pattern, stick-shift

Fetching & Fast—Steven Griswold’s 8-second Corvette

By Mary Lendzion Photos by Kevin DiOssi When Steven Griswold was a child, he would climb into the passenger’s seat of his uncle’s Falcon and crack up as they cruised and collected memories. When he wasn’t doing that, he was asking his grandfather if he could help pump gas at the station

No Limits—Michael Ciborowski’s NMRA Limited Street Mustang

By Ainsley Jacobs Photos by Kevin DiOssi After starting with the NMRA in the early 2000s, but having to temporarily put his program on hold to focus on his family, Michael Ciborowski has come back in a big way by claiming the inaugural NMRA Limited Street championship in 2018. Growing up in Illinois,

Rookie Drives—Jumping into the NMCA’s top category isn’t a leap to be taken lightly—we talk to two guys who did just that in 2018

  Written By Steve Baur Photography by the FSC Staff There are many reasons why we get behind the wheel of a race car. Some of us are born into the lifestyle and enter competition from the time we can turn a wheel. Some simply jump into the practice to satiate their need