Geoff Turk’s “Blackbird”: The First Factory Super Car in the 7-Second Zone

    Inspired by his love of going fast, and his passion for flying, Geoff Turk modeled his life around pursuing his interests. Always on the hunt for excitement, Turk garnered worldwide recognition when he officially became the first man to score a 7-second elapsed time in the NMCA Factory Super Cars

Spotlight on Nick McGrath

Having grown up on a farm in Illinois, Nick McGrath tinkered with tractors a time or two before turning his focus to cars. His first one was a 1984 Buick Riviera that he drove to and from high school but wasn’t allowed to park in his parents’ garage, and his second one

Pony Express Part IV – Randy Seward Races a Trio of California Tracks Before Turning East for Denver

Nearly completing a cross-country trip from the east coast to the west coast, our last installment ended with Randy Seward and his 8-second Mustang stopped in Phoenix, Arizona to make a repair on a transmission leak. A six-pack of tracks and nearly 4000 miles already checked off his list, Seward

A Dead Battery, Dripping Fuel Line and Drag Strip Failure Highlights Second Leg of Randy Seward’s Pony Express Cross Country Trip

With his trusty Mustang logged just over 1,000 miles in three days, Randy Seward’s Pony Express was off to a decent start. A cross-country trip scheduled to log north of 10,000 miles, Seward plans to visit 47 drag strips in just over two months time. Race Pages Digital will be