MAHLE Motorsport Introduces Ford 5.0L Modular 4-Valve Coyote/Voodoo PowerPak Plus Piston Kit

Mustang and F-150 racers and enthusiasts can indulge in their quest for more power with the introduction of MAHLE Motorsport’s Ford 5.0L Modular 4-Valve Coyote/Voodoo PowerPak Plus Piston Kit. Manufactured to be a complete drop-in assembly piston kit for either the Ford V8 Coyote or Voodoo engine, the kit allows for

Jason Lee in Cockpit of Eric Gustafson’s Coast Packing Company Camaro

By Mary Lendzion As a multi-time NMCA and NMRA X275 Drag Radial champion, Jason Lee is well-versed on what it takes to win in a high-horsepower car. He understands what cars want and what combinations want, and he’s unwavering when it comes to what he wants to accomplish on the starting line

HPJ Performance Releases Final Pictures of its First Mustang Shelby GT500

HPJ Performance in Belleville, Illinois has released  some final pictures of its first 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500 with twin turbos before the car goes home to the customer.  When posting the pictures to HPJ Performance social media, a representative for the company indicated that they are happy with how the

Twin Turbos to the Front!—Emelia Hartford’s C8 Corvette Kicks Out 1,022 horsepower

The C8 Corvette has been a head-turner since it broke cover, and as the late-model Corvette market has seen plenty of enthusiasts hotrodding LS- and LT-powered Corvettes over the past decade or more, it should come as no surprise that people are modifying Chevrolet’s latest incarnation of America’s sports car.

SCT Expands Product Line with New Vehicle Customization Options

  SCT, an industry leader in engine tuning and calibrations, has announced the release of the SCT Burst Throttle Enhancement device. “SCT has devoted itself to the idea that engine tuning and calibration is a critical part of customization, and that enthusiasts should have the power to unlock the performance potential of their

Lamb Ready to Rev New Gen III Coyote Engine at BMR Suspension NMRA Spring Break Shootout

By Mary Lendzion G-Force Racing Transmissions Coyote Stock is one of the most captivating categories in the NMRA. It’s full of wicked wheelies, super-fast shifting and tight top-end racing, and among all of its impressive competitors with incredible cars is Jacob Lamb. The Kentuckian who captured the championship in 2017 has been as

Whipple Superchargers Named Presenting Sponsor of Mickey Thompson Tires Street Car Challenge

WHipple Superchargers Mickey Thompson Tires NMRA Street Car Challenge

Whipple Superchargers recently signed a multi-tier sponsorship package and it includes a presenting sponsorship in the newest category in the Holley NMRA Ford Nationals series—the Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels Street Car Challenge Presented by Whipple Superchargers. The class will run three times in 2021—BMR Suspension NMRA Spring Break Shootout

Samantha Moore Locked In For Third NMRA JDM Engineering Limited Street Season

As co-owner of Vector Motorsports in Brighton, Michigan, Samantha Moore sure knows her way around a racecar. After years of working on customer projects, though, she decided she wanted to get in on the action herself. Moore purchased her California Special ’14 Ford Mustang in ’15 with every intention of

Trovato Focused on Trapping 4.50s After Unleashing Upgrades

By Mary Lendzion Bill Trovato has been competitive in NMCA Edelbrock Xtreme Street competition with the same engine for the past ten years. The 440 cubic-inch LS bullet that he built at his shop, BTR Performance in Rochester New York, consists of a cast aluminum Dart block, Chevrolet Performance LSX-LS7 heads, a

Tech Review—EATON TVS R3100 Supercharger

Written by Steve Turner Photography courtesy of the manufacturers Positive-displacement superchargers are known for near-instant boost that carries throughout the powerband. The Twin Vortices Series (TVS) supercharger from EATON is successor to the historic Roots design and addresses its weaknesses, like efficiency and noise, by reducing air leakage between the rotor with