Misener Hopes to Cross the U.S./Canada Border Soon for More JDM Engineering Limited Street Competition

By Mary Lendzion Photos courtesy of Jay Misener When Jay Misener began competing in JDM Engineering Limited Street back in 2018, he had a naturally aspirated Coyote engine under the hood of his Mustang. He had chosen to get his feet wet in the category without a power-adder, and he achieved a 9.39

QA1 Hosts First Open House at New Facility

QA1 is excited to host its first open house event since the completion of its state-of-the-art facility in 2020. The company’s space will be open to visitors from 7am to 9am on Friday, July 16, 2021. Guided tours will be followed by a #goDRIVEit cruise to the Street Machine Summer Nationals at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. The open house will give enthusiasts an opportunity to

New Dragstrip, Road Course, Oval Track, and Racing Complex to be Built in Mississippi

In an era where dragstrips are closing and restrictive regulations and legislature threaten the automotive aftermarket, some folks are finding a way to keep the industry thriving. Gerard Hansen, an automotive historian and motorsport professional, loves car culture so much that he risked it all and decided to build the

Jason Davis’ NMRA Limited Street Mustang GT

Deep Impact Jason Davis makes a big impression on the NMRA Limited Street Class with his 2015 Mustang GT Written by Steve Baur Photography by Kevin DiOssi The NMRA’s JDM Engineering Limited Street class has been hugely popular, and despite the relatively “limited” rule set, the pace at which its entrants have progressed has

Lizzy Musi to Debut New ’69 Camaro at Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings in Epping

A plan that started more than a year ago will come to fruition as the Musi Racing team is set to debut its new Edelbrock-equipped Lucas Oil ’69 Camaro at next weekend’s Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings stop at New England Dragway in Epping, NH. Lizzy Musi will be behind the

Cooler Brake Fluid, Improved Braking Performance for GM Master Cylinders with Lava Master Cylinder Heat Shield from Heatshield Products

Classic GM cast-iron master cylinders can see improved braking performance and reliability with Lava Master Cylinder Heat Shield from Heatshield Products. The master cylinder in these cars is extremely susceptible to heat due to its close proximity to exhaust manifolds and headers and also from the thermal conductivity and heat-holding properties

Where It All Started—RYNO Classifieds

Ryan Maturski, the founder of RacingJunk.com, created the next big thing in online classifieds for the motorsports industry—RYNO Classifieds. A programmer by trade who also happens to have a passion for motorsports, Maturski created RacingJunk.com in ’98 in his living room as a way of helping a few racer friends, then

Shark Gray Big-Block Chevrolet Valve Covers Now Available from Proform

Shark Gray big-block Chevrolet valve covers are now available from Proform. Sleek and subtle, they will help engines look good under the hood, thanks to the electrostatically painted and baked Shark Gray epoxy finish that offers long-term corrosion resistance, in addition to striking color. Available in tall and stock (short) height options for