Lose Some Weight with IDIDIT

When shaving off pounds are as important as gaining extra horsepower, the savvy racer does whatever he or she can do to grab an edge – especially in heads-up racing. Thankfully there are tons of ways to trim the fat, but like anyone who has tried to lose weight, they

Why Coil-Overs Shouldn’t Make Your Car Ride Rough

Text and Photography Courtesy of QA1 Coil-overs in a suspension setup have become synonymous with performance and a must-have product. They offer lots of adjustability and performance in a compact light-weight package. However there have been some misconceptions about them as well, one of them being that they will give your

Vortech V-15 Z-Trim Supercharger Now Available

The Vortech V-15 Z-Trim supercharger is now available. It's the next step in compressor development, and features an all-new, all-billet gearcase, and incorporates a technologically advanced, high-efficiency, 5-Axis machined billet impeller and high-diffusion housing developed in the company's SAE-J1723-compliant supercharger test cell. The V-15 Z-Trim supercharger was specifically designed to fit in

Forged Drag Wheels—RC Components Show Us How They Are Made!

We've come a long way from slotted mag wheels of old, and today's forged drag wheels are truly works of art. Better materials and construction techniques combined with CNC machining practices have take wheel designs to new levels. With plenty of experience in the custom motorcycle market, RC Components based

Tech Review—Engine Management for Under $1,000, AEM Series 3 Engine Management System and CD-7 Digital Display

It is a horsepower war that has simply crushed the golden era of the ‘60s with OEs getting in on the fun with cars like the 840hp Dodge Demon and all three manufacturers offering supercharged 8-second drag racing packages. For older muscle cars, converting to EFI has never been easier