Pro-Werks Cleco Kit

The helping hand during fabrication, the quick and easy to use, spring-loaded Pro-werks Cleco fasteners are inserted into drilled rivet holes to temporarily hold panels in place. Pro-Werks, a source for all sorts of fabrication components and products, has put together numerous  complete Cleco kits that includes three sizes of fasteners and special pliers to

Bolt-On Boost— Supercharging the output of a 2018 Camaro with a host of upgrades

Written by Derek Putnam Photography courtesy of Michael Fair and the manufacturers References abound for the “golden age” on almost any subject. Racing and muscle cars are no exception. In the 1960s and early 1970s, an order form at your local dealership was like being handed the keys to the candy store.

New Product—IDIDIT Quick-and-Easy Steering Wheel Centering

Racers who require a removable steering wheel can now be assured of perfect wheel centering every time, thanks to the IDIDIT Performance Quick-Release Steering Hub, which now comes standard with a Centering Pin. IDIDIT Performance has upgraded all of its 5- and 6-bolt steering hubs to include a centering pin as

Tech Review—Coan Billet Aluminum Powerglide Valvebody

Founded in 1976, Coan Engineering is a well-known presence in drag-racing circles. The company has long focused on transmission performance, reliability, and commitment to its customers, who range from street-car enthusiasts to those racing in the NMCA and NMRA series. Coan played a major role in introducing the first transbrakes for