Tech Review—G-Force Performance Engineering ProBushings

Written by Jason Reiss Photography courtesy of GForce Performance Engineering Let’s face it, chassis bushings are decidedly unsexy performance parts. They aren’t shiny, billet, or covered in a high-visibility hue to catch the eye. Properly performing bushings are mostly out-of-sight, out-of-mind components that aren’t even thought about until one or more fails.

Natural Selection—Manual-trans monsters still prowl the strip in NMCA’s DART NA 10.5

There’s an inherent badassery that comes with stomping a clutch pedal and banging gears down the drag strip. In NMCA DART NA 10.5 presented by Diamond Pistons competition, many drivers elect to use an automatic transmission, but a select few still prefer the old school method of a stick-shift to

Dart Debuts Re-engineered Iron Eagle Small-Block Ford Cylinder Blocks

Dart’s small-block Ford Iron Eagle blocks are designed to work with the stock components, but are now much more than a stock replacement. The new Dart SBF block has been designed from the ground up for hardcore racing. These new blocks are cast from premium high strength iron with extra thick

Top 10 Cooling Mistakes

Written By Cole Quinnell Photography by the Author Horsepower means heat. Unfortunately, for your race car or tow vehicle, too much heat—or rather not having the right equipment to dissipate the heat—can mean overheating. We see a lot of cooling blunders, so we thought we would share the top 10 cooling mistakes

Pat Musi Racing Engines Debuts New 959 Cubic Inch Engine Featuring 12.6 Deck Height

The all-new 959 cubic inch monster from Pat Musi Racing Engines didn’t take long to show its potential. The latest nitrous engine had an immediate and impressive showing at the Snowbird Outlaw Nationals, with both Lizzy Musi and Dean Marinis running 3.61-seconds during the race. It came after a few adjustments,

Strange Engineering Offers Line of Billet Aluminum Main Caps

Strange Engineering’s proven line of billet aluminum main caps improve strength for 8.8” Ford, GM 10 bolt, GM 12 bolt and Dana 60 housings. As horsepower increases, factory caps will deflect, which leads to premature wear of the gear and bearings, and ultimately resulting in failure. The Strange Engineering billet caps

Holley Releases New Race-Design 4500 Intake for Cathedral Port LS Engine Combinations

    Holley has released a new race-design 4500 intake for cathedral port LS engines. It's intended for maximum-effort combinations that need a bump in induction airflow. With its split design, users can port and modify intake runners to best suit their combinations. Additionally, the two-piece split design provides access for all levels of

Upscale Living—Giving an LS-Swapped Chevy S10 pickup a better driving experience through modern upgrades

Written By Steve Baur Photography by the Author It’s easy to become preoccupied with horsepower and speed. After all, that is what really gets our juices flowing, and it’s a huge part of the performance aftermarket. But the older you get, the more you appreciate the amenities and increased comfort in modern

Lakewood Introduces Cast Aluminum Bellhousings for LS, Small-Block and Big-Block Chevrolet Engines

Lakewood has introducd cast aluminum bellhousings for LS, small-block and big-block Chevrolet engines. They're designed to be an affordable, lightweight solution for street cars that don’t require SFI bellhousings. They connect LS, small-block and big-block Chevrolet engines to transmissions using the standard GM pattern, including the Muncie, Saginaw, Borg Warner T10