New Product—Vortech V-3 Heritage Series Supercharger

Something old with something new—Vortech releases its Heritage Series supercharger in its proven V-3 transmission setup and it brings back the nostalgic gear-noise that made the supercharger famous in 1990. The Vortech V-1 is an iconic supercharger that helped revolutionize the high-performance aftermarket in the early 1990s and is credited as

#GetFEDEFI—Frankenstein Engine Dynamics Sponsors 4 Scholarships to EFI University’s Competition Engine Development Course

EFI University is a high-performance educational company that offers nine different courses covering everything from EFI tuning basics to motorsport wiring and configuration and it offers courses all across the country. For those active on social media you might have seen videos produced by Ben Shrader of EFI University discussing

New Product—AEM DashDesign Software Enhances CD-5 & CD-7 Carbon Dashes

AEM’s latest DashDesign Software update (1.04.10) has further enhanced the functionality of CD-5 & CD-7 Carbon dashes to ensure that it delivers the best experience possible for racing, track-day, hot rod, Powersports or any other application needing a digital dash that lets you see everything. This update allows CD Carbon

Video Inside—QA1 Teases New MOD Series Shocks for Straight Line Hustle and Turning Action

As QA1 celebrates 25 years in the suspension building business they are churning out new products to keep up with today's street and strip demands. Their latest offering is coming soon and it is dubbed the MOD™ Series, an all-new series of shocks with industry-first features. The first public view

New Product—Race Parts Solutions Transmission Overflow Tank Kit

RACE PART SOLUTIONS has a reliable Transmission Overflow Tank Kit that will solve transmission fluid leaking issues on the race track for $78.28. RPS’ Transimission Overflow Tank Kits can be used on most automatic transmissions. Developed to avoid catastrophic issues while your race car is on the track, the kit includes

New Product—Maximum Motorsports Simplifies IRS Swaps Into Fox Bodies With Bolt-In Brake-Line Kit

Maximum Motorsports has developed an inexpensive brake-line kit that simplifies swapping the Mustang Cobra independent rear suspension into most Fox Mustangs. Precision-formed hard lines eliminate any bending, cutting, or flaring. Fittings are perfectly positioned to attach the original Fox rear hard line to either the stock Cobra IRS brake hoses

Classic Chevy Sugar Land Offers LSX Block in Standard Deck Height

Classic Chevy Sugar Land is proud to announce it is offering the Chevrolet Performance LSX Bowtie Block in standard deck height (P/N 19260093). Delivering the seemingly impossible combination of professional racing-level strength and entry-level affordability, the LSX Bowtie Block is the next revolution in high performance engine building. This durable