Tech Review—Turnkey 800hp & 1,000hp Crate Engines from Scoggin Dickey Parts Center Raceshop

Nothing should really surprise us anymore as the lunacy level of our industry is something out of a sci-fi movie. We can definitely have our cake and eat it too with 5-second street cars and 5,000hp twin-turbo engines. As there are plenty of engine builders and racers charting paths through

Timing is Everything—MSD Ignition Tuning Tips with Stevie “Fast” Jackson

Photo Courtesy of NHRA/National Dragster Getting any detailed information out of a grudge or professional racer on their combination or tuning tips is akin to spilling nuclear secrets to a terrorist group. So when NHRA Pro Modified extraordinaire and legendary grudge racer Stevie "Fast" Jackson made a YouTube video on tuning

FUELING THE FIRE—Mapping out a fuel system with Holley and Earl’s

Written by Derek Putnam Photography By The Author and Courtesy of the Manufacturer It’s natural to always want more, but sometimes too much of something isn’t a good thing. For example, using a camshaft or cylinder head that’s too big for your engine combination can result in lackluster performance and some serious

Precision Turbo & Engine Releases Three New GEN2 XPR TurboChargers

PRECISION TURBO & ENGINE has added three new sizes to its line of championship winning and record setting Pro Mod turbochargers with the release of the new GEN2 Pro Mod 91mm, 94mm and 98mm XPR turbochargers. All three new turbochargers utilize the GEN2 CEA® (Competition Engineered Aerodynamics) CNC-machined inducer and 2618-forged aluminum

Fourth-Gen Fix—We help Street Outlaws’ Derek Travis make his real street car hook on the street or track with the help of BMR Suspension

Written and Photographed By Pete Epple In the world of fast street cars, no group has become as popular as quickly as the cast of Street Outlaws. In the past six months or so, the insanity of what these guys do has escalated with addition of or upgrade to full blown

Calibrating for the Future SAM Tech shares how to conquer the modern EFI tuning — including direct injection, torque modulation, and variable valve timing

Written By Stephen Kim Photography by the author EFI tuning, as we know it, is over. Stick a multimeter probe in it. Gone are the days of simply setting the fuel and timing maps, then calling it good. These days, it’s all about vehicle computer calibration. All of a sudden, the OEs

Gripping Performance—Improving your Coyote 5.0 Mustang’s Clutch and Shifter

Written By Miles Cook Photography By the Author When the Coyote 5.0-liter DOHC V-8 made its debut in the 2011 Mustang GT, a revolution was instantly created. With 412 horsepower and 97 more horsepower than the 2010 Mustang’s 4.6-liter SOHC three-valve engine, the Coyote was an immediate hit and to many, the

LS Ignition Coil Brackets From Philadelphia Racing Products

Philadelphia Racing Products (PRP) just announced the production of the company's newly designed LS coil mounting brackets. These brackets are engineered to fit LS 1, 2, 6, 7 engines, and will fit MSD coils. Each bracket is designed to be remote mounted, and comes complete with stand-offs for easy removal.

BEHIND BARS, Part II—The Development of the World’s Fastest Small-Tire Racecars, as Told by the People who Developed Them: The 275 and 315 Radial world’s never-ending quest for speed

Written By John F. Katz Photography Courtesy of the Manufacturers/Chassis Builders As what launched as a truly outlaw, grudge-fueled, run-what-you-brung-to-the-unkempt-eighth-mile kind of racing has become increasingly sanctioned, standardized, professionalized—and costly—how has the 10-wide-tire classes retained their still gritty-seductive appeal? “It’s the thrill of it,” replied Tim Lyons, owner of Lyons Custom Motorsports in