A Little Evil Under the Hood

Holley just released its new Black NOS GM LS Wet Nitrous Systems made just for drive-by-wire applications and capable of delivering up to 250 additional horsepower. Available for 4-bolt, drive-by-wire or cable operated throttle bodies in 90mm, 92mm, 102mm & 105mm plate sizes, these kits are "Wet" plates, meaning the

New Product—AEM CD Carbon Digital Dash Mounting Solution

AEM has released Ram Mounts Adapter Brackets for CD Carbon Digital Dashes (PNs 30-5545 for CD-5 Carbon and 30-5546 for CD-7 Carbon). These brackets allow you to easily install a CD-5 or CD-7 Carbon Digital Dash Display through suction, hard mount, or roll cage/bar mount using

New Product—Vortech’s 3,000+hp Capable V-30 131A Centrifugal Supercharger

A few years ago Vortech revamped its racing supercharger line-up, slapping the V-30 moniker on the racing-oriented gear case, and then stacking a variety of impellers and compressor covers on the backside of it. On the surface, the group simplified the identification process but in reality it was a complete

New Product—Flex-A-Lite LoBoy Flex-Wave Electric Fan

Flex-A-Lite® has now incorporated its Flex-Wave™ electric-fan blade into the LoBoy 16-inch fan to create a new, class-leading fan assembly. Making use of the aerodynamic efficiencies in the patent-pending Flex-Wave fan blade, the LoBoy electric fan produces alcass-leading 3,000 cfm of airflow. In our testing, the LoBoy Flex-Wave electric fan had 33 percent more airflow than

New Products—Heatshield Products Improves Turbo Shields

To improve an already proven line of turbo shields, Heatshield Products employed two key strategies: listen to customer feedback and continuously innovate the designs. As such, a significant upgrade has been made to the sewing and stitching system for enhanced quality, appearance and strength. In addition, the inlet and outlet size of all turbo shields

New Product—Performance Distributors Go-Fast Green Live Wires

Get that attention getting look from Performance Distributors' new Go-Fast Green Live Wire plug wires.  Approximately 1/2" in diameter, the Go-Fast Green Live Wires perform as good as they look.  The low resistance Green wires delivers maximum spark energy to your plugs.  Performance Distributors’ “LIVE WIRES” is a revolutionary type of spark plug wire.  The

New Product—Classic Performance Products Complete Fuel Injection Kits for Classic Cars

Classic Performance Products (CPP) Complete Fuel Injection Tank Kit is the most complete choice when adding a fuel injection-ready tank to your vehicle. These kits include an original fit tank with built-in fuel tray, a fuel tank sending unit and a fuel regulator/filter combined with the most complete EFI fuel