Get A Grip—Bolstering a modern Mustang’s suspension begins with corralling bushing deflection

Photography courtesy of Brian Sexton While modern muscle machines have undoubtedly improved over their predecessors, they are still built to please the masses. That means they not only must perform at a high level, but they are also expected to remain quiet, smooth, and generally polite in situations when your right

New Product—Xtreme-DI launches +30% GDI High-Flow Fuel Injectors for GM LTx-Engines

Xtreme-DI today announced a new product line of GDI High-Flow Fuel Injectors providing up to 30-percent more fuel flow over stock injectors in all GM Gen V engines (LT5, LT4, LT1, L86, L83, LV3). XDI high-flow injectors for the Ford Ecoboost 2.3L and 3.5L engines, the Audi/Volkswagen 2.0L engine, and additional

Solid Foundation—A performance partnership yields robust Coyote short-blocks with secret-sauce sleeves

Today’s engines don’t need much help making power. Feed them with boost and fuel and they will flourish. That is definitely true of the Ford Coyote engines, as well as their RoadRunner and Voodoo cousins. Because of their high-winding nature and free-flowing, four-valve cylinder heads, they really take to power

S&W Adds New Oil Pan Saver—Saves More Than The Oil Pan

The S&W Performance Group has introduced its latest bolt-on Mustang drag racing product. The new Pan Saver Kit is engineered to protect oil pans and other low ground clearance components from being crushed and ruptured during extreme front suspension compression. The Pan Saver Kit will shield 1979-2004 Mustang undercarriages, from those

AEM Tru-BoostX—Boost Control Just Got Smarter And More Powerful

The beloved Tru-Boost Gauge has been put to pasture, and is replaced with the new X-Series Tru-BoostX Boost Controller Gauge (PN 30-0352). The Tru-BoostX Boost Controller Gauge delivers all of the features you loved about the original only now with AEMnet for data logging and a big, fat internal MAP

Belting It Out—Centrifugal-boosted Pro Mods are here to stay and this is how they compete against other combos

Written by Jason Reiss Photography by FSC Archives/Tara Bowker/Courtesy of the Manufacturers For many years, the Pro Mod eliminator enjoyed three main options for extra-atmospheric vehicle propulsion: superchargers, nitrous oxide injection, and turbochargers—with the latter two choices mostly self-explanatory. Until recently, blown combinations were mostly centered around Hemi engines topped off with

Billet Insanity—Carmack Engineering 11-inch Billet Pro Mod Housing

Carmack Engineering Billet Pro Mod Housing

By Pat Bateman Photography courtesy of Carmack Engineering Nothing brings the NMCA fans to stands like the call for VP Racing Fuels Pro Mod to the staging lanes. With blowers, nitrous, or turbos force-feeding massive engines to produce beyond 3,000 horsepower, the track is about to get a workout. After the long

Billet LS Block/Heads/Cranks by Energy Manufacturing and Callies Performance Products

Written By Steve Baur Photography Courtesy of Energy Manufacturing and Callies Performance Products There is a certain level of engine building where custom parts are required, and the unfortunate side effect of “custom” is lengthy delivery times. Energy Manufacturing, working with its sister company Callies Performance Products, set out to greatly reduce


  PROFORM Parts has released a new tool kit (PN 66518) to help make life a little easier, and potentially less expensive with the LS Harmonic Balancer Installer and Removal Tool for LS Gen III-V Engines. Performing two jobs in one, this kit prevents damage to an aftermarket balancer during installation

Wilwood Disc Brakes Announces New Compact Tandem Master Cylinder

Wilwood’s Compact Tandem Integral Reservoir master cylinders provide a high-style, high-performance solution for pressure actuation and fluid control on both manual and power boosted applications, especially when space is limited. The lightweight, high pressure die-cast aluminum body measures 6.55 inches in overall length from the mounting flange, with an overall