Driven Racing Oil Introduces New GP-1 Synthetic Blend High Performance Motor Oil

GP-1 from DRIVEN Racing Oil features a high zinc content specifically engineered and tested to deliver Increased horsepower along with more than 30 percent better engine wear protection, compared to the competition. The new oil has been uniquely compounded from Pennsylvania Grade Petroleum. If you’ve ever studied high performance lubricants you’ve

Furious Firepower—Performance Distributors ignition products increase power on the street/strip and dyno

By Dan Foley Photos by the author and Performance Distributors Today’s engines, both stock and modified, make more power than ever before. Turbocharger and superchargers are commonplace, even from the factory. Modified cars demand a lot more spark and they need it all the time. If you are relying on the factory


Stroud Safety's new Non-SFI Engine Diaper provides the Sportsman competitor with an economical and effective solution for oil and debris containment in the event of catastrophic engine failure. These diapers are constructed with the same ballistic nylon used on the company's SFI approved diapers. They also feature 4,000-pound strapping and

Hays Twister Full Race Torque Converters For GM 6L80E Transmissions

Holley Performance Products now offers Hays Twister Full Race Torque Converters for GM 6L80E 6-speed automatic transmissions. Designed specifically for blown, nitrous, and turbocharged trans-brake applications and strong enough to withstand the punishment of 1,000-horsepower engines, the Hays Twister converters are available in four different stall-speed ranges: 2,400-2,800, 2,800-3,200, 3,200-3,600, and

Stock Rocks—Inside Uncle Robin Lawrence’s stocker 5.2-liter Coyote engine builds

  By Steve Turner Photography courtesy of Robin Lawrence Some racers enjoy the tight confines of index classes, while others thrive in the heads-up battlegrounds. Some, however, can find enjoyment on both sides of the spectrum. One such racer is Robin Lawrence, whose day gig is the Director of Motorsports at Holley Performance