BEHIND BARS The Development of the World’s Fastest Doorslammers—Part 1: Pro Mod chassis

Written by John F. Katz Photography Courtesy of Chassis Engineering and the FSC Staff The cackling, record-blasting, fin-backed carbon-fiber phenomenon that is Pro Modified racing emerged some 27 years ago from the IHRA Top Sportsman class, and from the nitrous-snorting, mountain-motor outlaws it attracted. Pro Mod has since spawned its own brood

Stop In A Flash—Aerospace Components Helps SVT Lightning Owners Improve Their Stopping Power

Written By Steve Baur Photography By Dr. Rudy Rouweyha and Courtesy of Aerospace Components Since coming to market in 1993, the SVT Lightning pickup truck has become a favorite among Ford, Mustang, and truck enthusiasts everywhere. When the supercharged, second-generation version came out in 1999, we saw even more of them at

Eaton adds performance-enhancing aftermarket ring and pinion sets

Power management company Eaton has introduced a new automotive aftermarket performance ring and pinion product line that provides vehicle enthusiasts the opportunity to choose from a variety of options and configurations designed to increase vehicle performance and improve horsepower. The gear sets come in two varieties – street and competition– and

The Silver Mullet—Induction Solutions and BES Racing team up to build a 588ci bullet for nitrous

Written by Derek Putnam Photography Courtesy of BES, Induction Solutions, and the Manufacturers As much as we often hear of turbo this and supercharger that, nitrous oxide injection is still just as popular as ever—the NMCA even has a class dedicated to just that power adder in ARP Nitrous Pro Street. When

What Is Old Is New Again—Shearer Fabrications updates an old friend in the boosted marketplace.

Written By Michael Galimi Photography by Michael Galimi and Courtesy of Shearer Fabrications In the late 1990s, a new concept was brought into the Mustang marketplace—air-to-water intercoolers. Vortech certainly didn’t invent the air-to-water intercooler; it merely packaged it so that the average enthusiast can bolt one on to their Mustang with relative