Tech Review: Aerospace Components Ceramic-Bearing Vacuum Pump

By Pat Bateman Aerospace Components’ three-vane vacuum pumps are available bare fore $465, and as part of a complete system with bracket, pulley, canister, and everything you need to install it (as seen here) for $930. Bolting a vacuum pump to a race engine is an age-old way

Tech Review: Oliver Parabolic Beam Connecting Rods

By Jason Reiss Photos Courtesy Oliver Racing Parts It is physically one of the simplest parts contained within an engine, but one of the most important. The technology that goes into its manufacture must be decidedly precise. That’s because without it holding down its end of the bargain, you have no engine; instead you have a

Tech Review—EFI Source MicroSquirt for Fox-body and SN95 Mustangs

The nifty little ECU controller and the EEC-IV adapter harness are included with EFI Source’s MircoSquirt system for pushrod Ford V-8s from 1986-1995. By Miles Cook Photos Courtesy of EFI Source EFI Source is an intriguing resource for aftermarket late-model EFI setups, providing easy-to-install plug and play stand-alone upgrades. The company

Tech—Why the G-Meter is the Most Important Sensor for Going Fast

By Jason Reiss Photography by Steve Baur, Kevin DiOssi, and Josh Ledford In the sport of drag racing, acceleration is king. There is simply no other measurable metric that is as critical to performance as acceleration rate; not torque, nor RPM gain, power-adder boost, nor even horsepower. Of course, measuring data points from each of

Tech Review: Bear Block Motors Coyote Ultra Block

There is no denying that the Coyote 5.0 engine has helped revolutionize the Mustang drag racing and performance market. Its awesome power from the factory coupled with the fact that it responds well to modifications—especially forced induction—makes it attractive to NMRA racers and enthusiasts. The leading Ford motorsport series has seen

Tech Review—Brodix Head Hunter 15-degree Cylinder Heads for Small-Block Ford

The name Brodix has been synonymous with success in NMRA Keystone Drag Racing as their cylinder heads have helped produce record runs and earn championships through a variety of eliminators over the years. Their latest small-block Ford offering builds upon their success in the racing market. Coming out of their

Tech Review—Turnkey 800hp & 1,000hp Crate Engines from Scoggin Dickey Parts Center Raceshop

Nothing should really surprise us anymore as the lunacy level of our industry is something out of a sci-fi movie. We can definitely have our cake and eat it too with 5-second street cars and 5,000hp twin-turbo engines. As there are plenty of engine builders and racers charting paths through