Tech Review—STS Turbo Systems For C6 Corvettes

Written by Miles Cook Photography courtesy of Holley Performance We love Corvettes of all generations from the first 1953-1962 solid-axle cars to the timeless Mid-Year era from 1963-1967. Shark-body Vettes followed in 1968 and lasted all the way until 1982. From there, the C4, C5, and C6 generations proudly flew the crossed

Tech Review—Aerospace Components 2010-2015/2016-2019 Camaro Brake Kits

Written By Steve Baur Photography Courtesy of Aerospace Components and Gwatney Performance Innovation From the whirling, buzzing and busy CNC machines at Aerospace Components comes the company’s latest high-performance brake upgrades whittled out of billet aluminum and designed specifically for 2010-2015 and 2016-2019 Camaros. Aerospace Components offers both front and rear braking packages

Furious Firepower—Performance Distributors ignition products increase power on the street/strip and dyno

By Dan Foley Photos by the author and Performance Distributors Today’s engines, both stock and modified, make more power than ever before. Turbocharger and superchargers are commonplace, even from the factory. Modified cars demand a lot more spark and they need it all the time. If you are relying on the factory

Tech Review—Proform Slim-Fit Radiators

Written by Miles Cook Photos courtesy of Proform Proform’s list of available components is downright impressive. We’re talking carburetors, distributors, alternators, starters, harmonic balancers, valvetrain and cylinder-head bits, scales, gaskets, tools and more. However, it was one of the company’s heat exchangers that really caught our eye thanks to its cutting-edge design

Devilishly More Powerful—Livernois Motorsports Adds 229RWHP to Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

We don't think there has ever been a more successful high-performance car launch than the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon as the FCA execs used impressive 9-second performances on the drag strip and an 808hp rating to garner a significant amount of attention. On the drag strip the car definitely didn't

Tech Review—Aeromotive Brushless Fuel Pumps

By Steve Turner Photos by Fastest Street Car and Aeromotive   As technology pushes engine performance into the stratosphere, the need to feed higher and higher levels of horsepower is omnipresent. For decades Aeromotive Inc. has created fuel system solutions for hi-po street cars and racing machines. Most recently, the company expanded into

Tech Review—JPC Racing 6R80 Delete Kit

Photos Courtesy of JPC Racing and Fastest Street Car The lethargic days of the AOD transmission are long behind us as Ford revamped the automatic-equipped Mustang landscape in 2005 and it has never looked back. The drag racing and street/strip markets have gravitated to the 6R80 six-speed auto that debuted in