MSD Ignition’s Pro 600 delivers powerful spark that lights the fire in Pro Mod powerplants

Written by Jason Reiss Photography courtesy of Holley The task of delivering spark energy to light off today's high-horsepower engines used in classes such as NHRA Pro Mod, Radial vs. The World and Drag Week requires the most robust components proven to perform in high-stress situations. MSD's Pro-Mag 44 ignition coil and

Get Better Head Gasket Sealing For Your Nitrous Or Boosted Application

The Ultimate ‘Ring of Fire’ Implementing new technology in head gasket retention with BTR Performance’s Bill Trovato Written By Chad Stephens Photography Courtesy of BTR Performance With the strenuous demands on our race engines today, one of the key secrets to horsepower production and consistent performance still comes down to one of the most

Tech Review—ProCharger’s F-4X Supercharger

By Steve Turner Photography courtesy of ProCharger and by the FSC staff Centrifugal superchargers cut their automotive gear teeth on the streets and quickly moved to the racetrack under the hood of street/strip machines. As those hybrid hot rods began to run quicker and transition into full-time race cars, the centrifugals evolved

Of Rage & War—How Rage Fuel Systems supplies big-power beasts with plenty of fuel for battle

Written by Wes Taylor Photography by the author In the world of motorsports, many factors contribute to a winning program. You can't put the power down without optimizing the suspension, chassis, drivetrain, and powerplant. Even at its best, an engine won’t do what the tuner asks of it without having enough to

Tech Review—Autokraft’s Kurt Anderson Talks Speedtech Performance’s First-Gen F-body Front Subframe System

Written by Jason Reiss Photography courtesy of Autokraft Race Cars & Restorations Even more than 50 years later, the first-generation F-Body Camaro and Firebird twins remain popular machines in the world of motorsports—especially in drag racing. The platform retains its demand for many reasons: striking appearance, simplicity, and perhaps most importantly, a