Tech Review—Autokraft’s Kurt Anderson Talks Speedtech Performance’s First-Gen F-body Front Subframe System

Written by Jason Reiss Photography courtesy of Autokraft Race Cars & Restorations Even more than 50 years later, the first-generation F-Body Camaro and Firebird twins remain popular machines in the world of motorsports—especially in drag racing. The platform retains its demand for many reasons: striking appearance, simplicity, and perhaps most importantly, a

Built For Battle—Moser Engineering’s Bolt-In Solid Axle Upgrade for 5th-Gen Camaros

Written By Steve Baur Photography by the FSC Staff, Jeff Wilson, and Courtesy of Moser Engineering With Chevrolet and Ford offering body-in-white programs to racers, there’s a need for a rear suspension for these vehicles that can handle the rigors of a racing application. When the body-in-white Camaro came out, the independent

Tech Review—Blow By Racing Demon Killer Turbo Kit

Written By Randy Adler Jr. Photography Courtesy of Blow-By Racing and Kevin DiOssi NMRA JDM Engineering Limited Street saw a new combination take the stage this year. Blow-By Racing debuted its Demon Killer Turbo Kit on Jason Davis’ 2015 Mustang. Davis came out swinging with the new combination, appearing in two final

Tech Review—Aeromotive Inc.’s Brushless Spur Gear Fuel Pumps

Performance on and off the track continually increases, and sometimes, we see cars that combine both attributes and push both to the limits and beyond. With Tom Bailey’s incredible performance’s in his “street-legal” Pro Mod Camaro during things like Hot Rod Magazine’s Drag Week, Bailey has brought race-level horsepower to

Tech Review: MSD Pro 600 CDI

Ignition is a key ingredient in making internal combustion engines work, and controlling when the ignition events occur and the spark energy with which it fires can be a valuable asset in the power management game. MSD recently realized that there was a market for an ultra powerful CDI ignition


VP Racing Fuels, which sponsors the top categories in the NMCA and NMRA, is widely known as a go-to company for high-performance racing fuels, but the company expanded its portfolio of products recently. Those offerings include a line of fuel and coolant additives called Madditives that are designed to improve the

Maximum Motorsports K-Members Offer A Myriad Of Engine Options

There is no lack of aftermarket options when it comes to tubular front K-members for your late-model Mustang, and sorting out the differences and fitments can be a long, tedious process involving hours of Internet searches, phone calls and more. Maximum Motorsports has been in the late-model Mustang game since

Billet Insanity—Carmack Engineering 11-inch Billet Pro Mod Housing

Carmack Engineering Billet Pro Mod Housing

By Pat Bateman Photography courtesy of Carmack Engineering Nothing brings the NMCA fans to stands like the call for VP Racing Fuels Pro Mod to the staging lanes. With blowers, nitrous, or turbos force-feeding massive engines to produce beyond 3,000 horsepower, the track is about to get a workout. After the long