Tech Review—Turnkey 800hp & 1,000hp Crate Engines from Scoggin Dickey Parts Center Raceshop

Nothing should really surprise us anymore as the lunacy level of our industry is something out of a sci-fi movie. We can definitely have our cake and eat it too with 5-second street cars and 5,000hp twin-turbo engines. As there are plenty of engine builders and racers charting paths through

Stop In A Flash—Aerospace Components Helps SVT Lightning Owners Improve Their Stopping Power

Written By Steve Baur Photography By Dr. Rudy Rouweyha and Courtesy of Aerospace Components Since coming to market in 1993, the SVT Lightning pickup truck has become a favorite among Ford, Mustang, and truck enthusiasts everywhere. When the supercharged, second-generation version came out in 1999, we saw even more of them at

Build Big Mopar Power with Gen III Performance’s aluminum Hemi race block

Written By Scott Parker Photography Courtesy of Gen III Performance How do you become the fastest Gen III Hemi in the world? By breaking stuff. That is exactly what lead to the Gen III Performance aluminum Hemi race block. “We were racing Rob Goss’ Challenger and split the aluminum block, so we built

VP Racing Fuels C85 Test—Project #PureEvil Gains 39rwhp with C85 Conversion

As the mainstream automotive world debates the use of gasoline versus electric-powered vehicles, a battle rages in the enthusiast world with comparing gasoline and E85. Many years ago, as the price of oil skyrocketed, there was a domestic-based solution of using ethanol as the primary ingredient for fuel. It wasn’t

Tech Review—AEM CD-7 & CD-7L Carbon Dashes

When you’re racing in just about any NMCA or NMRA category, the stock gauges in most cars aren’t going to cut it. It’s especially true in older cars like a Fox-body Mustang or even classics from the 1960s. There are many solutions to this issue and what we’re spotlighting here