Tech Review: MSD Pro 600 CDI

Ignition is a key ingredient in making internal combustion engines work, and controlling when the ignition events occur and the spark energy with which it fires can be a valuable asset in the power management game. MSD recently realized that there was a market for an ultra powerful CDI ignition


VP Racing Fuels, which sponsors the top categories in the NMCA and NMRA, is widely known as a go-to company for high-performance racing fuels, but the company expanded its portfolio of products recently. Those offerings include a line of fuel and coolant additives called Madditives that are designed to improve the

Maximum Motorsports K-Members Offer A Myriad Of Engine Options

There is no lack of aftermarket options when it comes to tubular front K-members for your late-model Mustang, and sorting out the differences and fitments can be a long, tedious process involving hours of Internet searches, phone calls and more. Maximum Motorsports has been in the late-model Mustang game since

Billet Insanity—Carmack Engineering 11-inch Billet Pro Mod Housing

Carmack Engineering Billet Pro Mod Housing

By Pat Bateman Photography courtesy of Carmack Engineering Nothing brings the NMCA fans to stands like the call for VP Racing Fuels Pro Mod to the staging lanes. With blowers, nitrous, or turbos force-feeding massive engines to produce beyond 3,000 horsepower, the track is about to get a workout. After the long

Billet LS Block/Heads/Cranks by Energy Manufacturing and Callies Performance Products

Written By Steve Baur Photography Courtesy of Energy Manufacturing and Callies Performance Products There is a certain level of engine building where custom parts are required, and the unfortunate side effect of “custom” is lengthy delivery times. Energy Manufacturing, working with its sister company Callies Performance Products, set out to greatly reduce

Tech Review—STS Turbo Systems For C6 Corvettes

Written by Miles Cook Photography courtesy of Holley Performance We love Corvettes of all generations from the first 1953-1962 solid-axle cars to the timeless Mid-Year era from 1963-1967. Shark-body Vettes followed in 1968 and lasted all the way until 1982. From there, the C4, C5, and C6 generations proudly flew the crossed

Tech Review—Aerospace Components 2010-2015/2016-2019 Camaro Brake Kits

Written By Steve Baur Photography Courtesy of Aerospace Components and Gwatney Performance Innovation From the whirling, buzzing and busy CNC machines at Aerospace Components comes the company’s latest high-performance brake upgrades whittled out of billet aluminum and designed specifically for 2010-2015 and 2016-2019 Camaros. Aerospace Components offers both front and rear braking packages

Furious Firepower—Performance Distributors ignition products increase power on the street/strip and dyno

By Dan Foley Photos by the author and Performance Distributors Today’s engines, both stock and modified, make more power than ever before. Turbocharger and superchargers are commonplace, even from the factory. Modified cars demand a lot more spark and they need it all the time. If you are relying on the factory