Samantha Moore Locked In For Third NMRA JDM Engineering Limited Street Season

As co-owner of Vector Motorsports in Brighton, Michigan, Samantha Moore sure knows her way around a racecar. After years of working on customer projects, though, she decided she wanted to get in on the action herself. Moore purchased her California Special ’14 Ford Mustang in ’15 with every intention of

Tech Review—EATON TVS R3100 Supercharger

Written by Steve Turner Photography courtesy of the manufacturers Positive-displacement superchargers are known for near-instant boost that carries throughout the powerband. The Twin Vortices Series (TVS) supercharger from EATON is successor to the historic Roots design and addresses its weaknesses, like efficiency and noise, by reducing air leakage between the rotor with

All New Everything—Kelly Shotwell is set to blast NMRA JDM Engineering Limited Street

After redoing his car three times in three years, the first-ever class winner of NMRA Limited Street, Kelly Shotwell, is ready to blast the 2021 season. Based out of Ohio, Shotwell qualified number one and took the win for the weekend at the inaugural event back in 2017 with his ’95

Team Real Speed Racing to field three cars at NMRA and NMCA season openers in March

The 2021 Holley NMRA and NMCA season openers are fast approaching, and the Clearwater, Florida-based Real Speed Racing crew is gearing up for a three-car attack on both events. Real Speed’s Walter Drakeford leads the crew with his 1986 Fox-Body Mustang, which has been outfitted with quite a few upgrades since

Chevrolet Performance Stock champion Glenn Pushis returns to claim another crown

Fort Wayne, Indiana’s Glenn Pushis is more than familiar with making big things happen. He’s currently overseeing the construction of a 1.9 billion dollar steel manufacturing facility as part of his day job at Steel Dynamics, and in his personal time, he has accumulated three Chevrolet Performance Stock (CPS) championships

Packing Power —Eric Gustafson’s Camaro is cooking with ProCharger boost in VP Racing Lubricants Xtreme Pro Mod

Written by Steve Turner Photography by Kevin DiOssi Running a corporation not only requires passion, persistence, lightning-fast decisions, but the patience to know when to apply full throttle. Eric Gustafson puts those attributes to work on a daily basis as the CEO of Coast Packing Company. His company is a premier supplier

Clean and Mean—When Tony Hobson wanted to run quicker on the quarter-mile, he built a stunning Fox ’Stang

Written by Ainsley Jacobs Photography by Kevin DiOssi In life, change can be full of questions and confusion. In racing, though, the word “change” is generally synonymous with going faster. That’s exactly the kind of change Tony Hobson was looking for when he pulled the trigger on a new-to-him Fox-Body Mustang. Growing up

Dart Debuts Re-engineered Iron Eagle Small-Block Ford Cylinder Blocks

Dart’s small-block Ford Iron Eagle blocks are designed to work with the stock components, but are now much more than a stock replacement. The new Dart SBF block has been designed from the ground up for hardcore racing. These new blocks are cast from premium high strength iron with extra thick

Dave Fiscus Builds a Badass Big Boost G-Body Buick for Xtreme Street and X275

Decades before he began his most recent project car, Ohio resident Dave Fiscus bought a Buick Grand National… from his mother, while he was a teenager. That car was the start of a successful drag racing career for the man, and the inspiration for his new X275 big-boost Buick. “My mom

2020 Race Pages Virtual Trade Show—December Edition

The year 2020 will be remembered as one that was so strange that it postponed the two biggest automotive aftermarket trade shows—SEMA and PRI. This leaves all those member companies struggling to find a place to show off their most important products, old and new. With that in mind, here is