Talking Vortech Superchargers with Terry Reeves of Team Beefcake Racing

From the time when the Fox-body 5.0-liter Mustang phenomenon took off in the late 80s until today, Vortech Superchargers have been one of the most sought after bolt-ons for Mustang enthusiasts. Being able to bolt on 50-100 percent more horsepower propelled Mustangs into performance realms unknown, and the whirring noise

Ford Burns Rubber and Shreds Corners at 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Goodwood Festival held in England every year always features some really awesome iron—or these days carbon fiber and aluminium, and Ford was well represented, showing off both the 2020 Shelby GT500 and the Ford GT Mark II. Check out the videos below to see the smoke show from Vaughn

Stifflers Chassis & Suspension—From the Racers Point of View

Located just outside of Indianapolis, Indiana, Stifflers Chassis and Suspension was founded in 2010 by Brian Figg, who spent many years as an engineering technical director in Indy Car and other open-wheel racing series. he not only brought his knowledge and experience to the Stifflers brand, but also his love

Firing on All Cylinders—Performance Distributors Continues to Make Improvements in the Ignition Game

Performance Distributors got started in the ignition business with high-performance HEI distributors and ignition systems, and over the decades that the family owned and operated business has been improving on that particular product line, it has also expanded the scope of its products to include other brands, makes, and models

Video Inside—Nitro Burnout Chaos at Mo-Kan Dragway

This past weekend Mo-Kan Dragway, located on the western boarder of Missouri in Asbury, hosted the Funny Car Chaos racing series for the second year. Ron Ooms grabbed national attention when he ran into problems during the burnout in his nitro-burning, Streakers Ride 1969 Camaro by getting sideways and broadsided

Video Inside—MAHLE Motorsport Pistons

MAHLE Motorsport has brought vast design technology and manufacturing capabilities to its Elite Sportsman Drag Racing Series PowerPak+ Piston line and has made the an off-the-shelf item. Engine builders and do-it-yourself enthusiasts can now get pistons as quickly as possible and not compromise performance as MAHLE has turned popular options

Video Inside—Following Geo Castillo and his TX2k19 Adventure

Video by That Racing Channel As the news focuses on the negative street racing aspect of the TX2K event in Houston, the organized and sanctioned motorsports competition continues to stay true to its roots as the mecca for Supra owners. The biggest names in the 2JZ world descend on Penzoil Raceway

Video Inside—Dan Ryntz and Darin Hendricks Talk JLT Performance

The competition is fierce in NMRA Factory Stock and Coyote Stock as racers look for an edge over the competition. Several racers in each category have relied on JLT Performance cold air induction kits to help power their way to record runs, event wins, and ultimately the championships in both

Video Inside—Leah Pritchett Talks E3 Spark Plugs, NHRA Top Fuel, and Drag Pak Racing

There is no denying that one of the hardest working drivers in the NHRA pro ranks is Leah Pritchett. From the grassroots Sportsman ranks as a kid to Pro Mod and Nostalgia Funny Car racing as a young adult, she is currently a hired gun to drive a Top Fuel