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Cox Switches to Holley EFI ahead of NMRA/NMCA Power Festival


Racers often wait for the winter or off-season to make big changes to their racing program, but in the radial-tire world, racing doesn’t have much of a break. When Edelbrock Xtreme Street/Ultra Street racer Ray Cox decided to make the change to electronic fuel injection, he and his son, Brad, looked for the biggest gap between events and went for it.

“After some conversations with Ryan Witte at Holley, we made the choice to go with Holley over a few other EFI options we were considering,” Cox told us. “The big challenge was finding all the parts and complete it between races. It’s sort of a large project to do in the 21 days we had to do it. Most people said we couldn’t do it that fast.”

Possibly complicating matters was that not all of Cox’s upgrades were coming straight from Holley—a number of other parts from other companies were part of the equation.

“We ordered the Holley Dominator and supporting parts from Devin Vanderhoof and Laura Weber at HCR Innovations on June 30th and received everything from Holley the next day,” Cox explained of step one in his upgrade. “That was impressive for how hard it is to get parts these days. Devin also had a custom wiring parts to us the next day.”

While Cox and son Brad were building the new wiring harnesses from scratch with the supplies from HCR Innovations, Cox had sent his Pontiac-spec, carbureted intake manifold to Tony Bischoff at BES Racing to have it converted to fit the Holley big-bore throttle body and mount all the fuel injector bungs and fuel rails.

“Ron Rhodes shipped us some Aeromotive regulators and other items he is a dealer for super quick as well,” Cox said. The transmission was also pulled for servicing and dropped off at RPM Transmissions.

In addition to the Holley EFI system, Cox also had to install the new Holley Digital dash.

“The dash mount is a new product custom made and ours was the first one and fit perfectly. It’s made by Cory Nicholson at Car Chains 3D Printing.” Cox also removed his previous datalogging system, as he planned to utilize the built-in logging in the Holley EFI, and while he was at it, converted the ignition to Holley’s coil-on-plug setup.

“We originally planned to dyno test in Chicago at Joe Oplawski’s Hyperaktive Performance, but we weren’t able to finish up the wiring in time for the only open dyno session he had left before the Michigan race, Cox noted.

Looking to test on a hub-style dyno, Cox called around to see what was available and the Indiana-based racer ended up making a banzai run to North Carolina.

“Kevin Mullins was able to reschedule two other dyno sessions to fit us in Tuesday, so we loaded up and headed south to his TKM Performance hub dyno.”

Cox enlisted the help of Ryan McCain to get the tune for his Pontiac-powered, Fourth-Gen Trans Am dialed in, and after working through a few bugs, ended up with some great pulls on his nitrous oxide-assisted powerplant. Cox had no time to waste in loading the car back in the trailer to get on the road to the Arrington Performance NMRA/NMCA Power Festival presented by Force Engineering at US 131 Motorsports Park in Martin, Michigan. If all goes well, he’ll be testing out the new upgrades during Thursday’s test and tune session!