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Daniel Pharris Brings Pro Mod to Radial vs. The World at Lights Out 10


Last month we watched Daniel Pharris dust off his formidable 2017 Mustang Shelby GT350 Pro Modified and drop into the 3.60s with a best of 3.67 at 215 mph. He qualified near the top of the field during the US Street Nationals, before it was rained out.

A few weeks later, he revealed photos of the car sitting on a set of Mickey Thompson ET Radial Pro 315 tires as he and car chief Grant O’Rourke made the conversion to Radial vs. The World trim for Lights Out 10.

“The way the class is going now, you need a car with a 112-inch wheelbase and get it down to weight,” shared Pharris. “Basically Andrew’s Corvette is retired (ed note—Andrew Alepa’s C7 Corvette) after running it for two or three years. We’ve teamed up on this one and have his engine and drivetrain in my car.”

The Pro Mod sat for nearly a year and with the changes needed to keep up and take aim at the 3.50s on radials, Pharris decided to put it back into service. He shared, “I originally built the Pro Mod to run Radial vs. The World. So we put Andrew’s HEMI in it, moved the engine back a bit, and did some TLC to other areas of the car.”

O’Rourke fabricated new shock mounts, changed ratios in the drivetrain, and moved weight around to prepare it for a life on radials as the team will be testing at Orlando Speed World before making the trek up to South Georgia Motorsports Park for Lights Out 10.

“I want the car to be versatile, so we have crates that literally bolt-in to determine which class we run. We can go back and forth now, you don’t see that often with a good running Pro Mod car,” Pharris explained. He even hinted that the team wouldn’t be opposed to running a set of radials at a Pro Mod race, if the rules allowed it. “The way Kurt Johnson had Bradenton, I think we could’ve run the car on radials. The track was that good and had that shine we like for radial racing.”

Steve Petty is slated to handle the RvW tuning while Jamie Miller will handle the chassis tuning chores. But once they go back into Pro Mod trim for the NMCA Muscle Car Nationals, Miller will handle both ends of the program.

The basic combination will be used for both slick and radial racing—a Pro Line Racing HEMI that carries a 548ci displacement and is based on Alan Johnson Performance Engineering billet heads and block, Visner intake manifold, and a set of Precision XPR turbochargers. Backing the engine is a M&M Racing Transmission TH400 two-speed and lock-up torque converter. With solid runs in the 3.60s in Pro Mod, Pharris is shooting to be the first in the 3.50s in Radial vs. The World trim.

Mike Galimi
Mike Galimi
Mike Galimi is the Director of Content & Marketing at ProMedia Publishing and Events with nearly 20 years of experience in motorsport writing and photography.