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Day 2: Dodging Storms—Tom Bailey Keeps 6-Second Pace for a Fast and Wet Hot Rod Drag Week 2018

Troy LaCrone is second in Pro Street Power Adder after two days of competition with a 7.736. Les Smith is in the lead with a 7.467 average.

By Michael Galimi

Photos by Dom Damato

The Hot Rod Magazine Drag Week event, sponsored by Dodge and presented by Gear Vendors Overdrive, is always a memorable one but this year will standout in the history books thanks to an impending hurricane due to hit later in the week and extremely wet weather that highlighted the opening day of competition.

For those unfamiliar with Drag Week, it is Hot Rod’s version a street car torture test. The competitors visit five drag strips in five days and they drive approximately 1,000 miles—truck/trailer combos aren’t allowed to transport your vehicle nor are you allowed a support vehicle. As if that isn’t crazy enough, competitors can only use the parts and tools you can carry in the car or in a spec mini-trailer.

By Day 2, the cars were dried out and the crowd of 400ish Drag Week competitors converged on Darlington Dragway. Leading the way is Tom Bailey in his familiar 1969 Camaro dubbed Sick Seconds. This isn’t the Skinny Kid Race Cars entry that he has run in the past few years, called Project Sick Second 2.0. Bailey’s “other” Camaro is the one that he picked up from Danny Terzich many years ago and then outfitted it with a Steve Morris Racing big-block Chevy with twin turbos that makes over 3,000hp. He won Drag Week 2013 with Sick Seconds 1.0 and snatched a second title in 2015 with Sick Seconds 2.0.

Geo Castillo was a late entry into Drag Week and one we were happy to see. His car ran 7.10 at 198 mph last week at Orlando Speed World in testing but he has struggled on Drag Week. Currently third in Modified Power Adder, he has an 8.426 average but did run 7.76 on Monday.

After just two of five days of competition, Bailey has quickest single run and best overall average with his Unlimited entry. He left Darlington Dragway with a 6.702 at 215.33 mph average and a best of 6.674 at 219.83 mph single run. For those who don’t want to bust out the calculator, using those two numbers indicate that Bailey knocked off a 6.730 at 210.83 mph on Day 1 at Atlanta Dragway.

Other highlights show Mustang racer and aftermarket parts manufacturer Dan Saitz of Hyperformance Motorsports leads the fast Modified Power Adder class with a 7.624 average. Clark Rosenstengel has stepped out from the crowd in the Super Street Small Block Power Adder with an 8.009 average. The popular Street Race Small Block Power Adder, which has turned into an 8.50 index due to a funny car cage being illegal, has quite a battle going on between Randall Reed and Jim Bailey. Reed paces the field with an 8.507 average while Bailey is just a tick slower with an 8.508 average!

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Mike Galimi
Mike Galimi
Mike Galimi is the Director of Content & Marketing at ProMedia Publishing and Events with nearly 20 years of experience in motorsport writing and photography.