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DEI Vapor Block Fuel Line Sleeving


Does your car have problems with rough idling or difficult starting on hot days at the track or car show? Vapor lock caused by excessive engine and manifold heat could be the culprit; especially if there is a fuel line running next to a heat source or even a heater hose. DEI’s Vapor Block Fuel Line Sleeving reflects heat away from fuel lines to prevent fuel from vaporizing prior to reaching the carburetor.

Designed with a convenient split design and adhesive flap that allows for easy installation, DEI’s Vapor Block provides quick heat protection without the need to disconnect the fuel line. Simply wrap the Vapor Block Sleeve around the fuel line, remove the adhesive liner and press the adhesive flap into place.

Made of glass fiber and polyester laminated to an aluminum outer layer, Vapor Block offers excellent thermal protection, up to 302°F continuous or 347°F for peak direct heat and can be used on any line, hose or cable for long-lasting thermal protection.

DEI’s Vapor Block Fuel Line Sleeving is available for purchase in three sizes: 5/8” x 36” (part# 010669), 3/8” x 36” (part# 010671) and 1” x 36” (part# 010672).

For more information about DEI’s Vapor Block Fuel Line Sleeve and where to buy,, call (800) 264-9472.