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Hellion B-TEAM is known for many things, with one of the familiar thoughts including the amount of World Championship titles they bring to the starting line. After a melodramatic ending to the 2019 season, with losing a car and winning a championship in the same weekend – Dwayne James, Haley James, and their dedicated crew are determined to be competitive in the upcoming 2020 season.

There’s been many questions, speculations, and concerns as to what James and her team have been up to over the off-season. Finally, Hellion B-TEAM is proud to announce that the new car, “The War Eagle” will not only be focused on attempting another championship title in the NMRA Renegade category, but to be competitive in the NMCA class of Xtreme Street as well. One of the main focuses that father, Dwayne James honed in on with this build, is the safety aspects and updates required to keep his daughter safer than she was in the old car.

“It’s not that the Foxbody Haley and I built wasn’t safe; that car was actually the safest car that I have ever built. We live and we learn in situations like this, and in this case it was more from what was learned. That’s why I am taking extreme measures on making this new car about safety, not only for her, but for others to follow suit,” says Dwayne James, Owner of Hellion B-TEAM.

“I am a drag racer, we are drag racing people. Mentally, getting back into a race car was not even a question. I am just eternally grateful that I have the opportunity to do so. I am lucky to have the dad that I do, the team to support my love for the sport, and the companies that make all of this possible. I never felt unsafe in the Fox body, not even while it was spinning out of control into the wall. ‘The War Eagle’ will be trusted even more by myself, because we are taking everything that we have learned and applying it there,” says Haley James, Driver of Hellion B-TEAM.

James, her dad, and many others have put countless hours into gearing up for battle. Shortly after realizing that the old car was damaged beyond repair, the owner of Hellion B-TEAM did just what everyone would’ve expected – he purchased a new car. The dual-frame rail 2000 Mustang GT (previously owned by Ronnie Diaz), is now known as “The War Eagle” driven by 3X Champion, Haley James. As soon as teammate, Frank Varela rolled into the home base with the new car, it was on from there. This build would have not been possible without the help from Kieffer Simpson, Frank, Frankie Varela, and Ivan Varela.“The War Eagle” has seen much progress and will be ready to rock for the first Hellion B-TEAM outing of 2020, at the U.S. Street Nationals in Bradenton, Florida.

“As many racers and teams know, drag racing is not all fun and games. It takes countless hours, blood, sweat, tears, and a whole lot of money to build these machines. ‘The War Eagle’ is in preparation for battle in the 2020 season, and this car will rise to the top – she has big shoes to fill following the Fox body’s success,” says Dwayne James.

“Every single aspect of this sport requires teamwork, even crashing. The support that we have seen from the people in our circle afterwards is second-to-none. Personally, having my boyfriend being an integral part of this build with my dad and I, is something that I have always dreamed of doing with someone. The Foxbody was our baby and was the car that taught me everything to this day, but the same passionate and dedicated people that were behind that car are behind the new one. So, that gives me much confidence that we will continue our success,” she says.

As James has been focused on building this new race car, her life has not stopped in other aspects. With full intentions of graduating from the welding program at CNM this upcoming semester, she is striving to seek success in the motorsports industry. Potential leads for James have been presented within the industry, and she plans to continue the prosperous path that is being paved by her – alongside dad, boyfriend, and Hellion B-TEAM.

“When Haley’s drive for the sport and perseverance within the industry meet the right mentor, watch out because it will be time to play ball in many aspects,” says Dwayne James.

Lastly, the motorsports enthusiast, champion and dedicated, Haley James has been nominated for the well-known Drag Illustrated 30 Under 30 in 2019. This is a hard-to-accomplish task that the team decided to aim for earlier in the season, resulting in success. It is no secret that Hellion B-TEAM has been a threat, but 2020 might just be the most preeminent season yet!