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Devilishly More Powerful—Livernois Motorsports Adds 229RWHP to Dodge Challenger SRT Demon


We don’t think there has ever been a more successful high-performance car launch than the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon as the FCA execs used impressive 9-second performances on the drag strip and an 808hp rating to garner a significant amount of attention. On the drag strip the car definitely didn’t disappoint owners with solid low 10-second performances from average drivers and 9-second runs from seasoned vets. NMCA has also seen its fair share of Demons on track thanks to the highly-successful and popular Dodge // Mopar HEMI Shootout, which offers up to 75 complimentary entries to every event in 2019.

As owners rack up miles and make countless runs down drag strips across the United States, there is always room for more power. Enter Livernois Motorsports, a popular high-performance manufacturer, supplier, and builder that specializes in Ford, Chevy, and Dodge late-model vehicles. The company recently posted an awesome video showcasing basic modifications and upgrades available for the Demon.

Baseline pulls on the in-house Dynojet chassis dyno showed their test car produced 700rwhp in factory trim on 93 octane pump gas. Dan Millen, former NMRA/NMCA champion and lead calibrator at Livernois Motorsports, changed the supercharger pulleys and uploaded a custom calibration. Those few changes resulted in a staggering 825rwhp result on the chassis dyno, with the Demon still sucking down the same 93 octane gasoline.

That kind of power certainly is capable of producing mid-to-low 9 second times with a drag race prepped Demon, however, Millen knew there was more to be had without resorting to race gas. Over the last decade the switch to E85 has been popular in the high-performance thanks to a higher octane rating of the ethanol-based fuel. It is available at the pump and costs significantly less than race fuel, making it an ideal modification for street cars. Livernois Motorsports wasted no time and added its E85 Flex Fuel kit to the Demon, which includes several parts and pieces including Injector Dynamics ID1300 fuel injectors.

The results are astonishing as the Demon picked up 104rwhp for a final output of 929rwhp and 909rwtq! And you aren’t strong in math, that works out to a gain of 229rwhp over stock. Working the calculator some more reveals the test car nets 1,100hp at the crank. That kind of power is certainly enough to push the 3,800-pound street machine into the high 8s at well over 150mph with a properly prepared Demon.


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Mike Galimi
Mike Galimi
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