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First-To-Market—JLT Performance Releases 2018 Mustang GT Cold-Air Intake Kit


Last week JLT Performance announced the release of its 2018 Mustang GT Cold Air Intake kit, making it the first-to-market in that segment for the revised Mustang GT. Citing its GT350 kit and work with the lower hood line, JLT Performance was capable of building the 2018 Mustang GT kit quicker and faster than normal. It contains the usual benefits like a computer-designed layout for better fitment and performance. There is a large 5-inch filter inlet with radius’d end for smooth flow across the 120mm MAF sensor. The S&B filter is built to JLT Performance’s specs and is 5×7 inches and has a bell-mouth for maximum flow. A JLT-spec tune is required with the new cold-air intake kit and body-specific colors are available.

The 2018 Mustang GT is kind of a big deal, if you haven’t noticed. Not only are there new styling cues, Ford revised the Coyote 5.0 under the hood for more output and it utilizes new technology. Enthusiasts are calling it the Gen 3 Coyote and the major difference is the use of two fuel delivery systems. Direct Injection has been added to the Coyote platform with its high-pressure nozzles that spray directly into the combustion chamber. The second fuel system is a traditional port-injection, introduced above the cylinder head intake ports. There are several other engine upgrades as well, such as a Plasma Transfer Wire Arc cylinder liners that were borrowed from the GT350 engine program. The bores are now 93mm and final displacement is 5.035L. Those changes have swelled output and the Gen 3 Coyote produces a robust 460hp and 420 lb/ft of torque. Basic bolt-on upgrades, sticky tires, an ECU calibration, and a small shot of nitrous make the new Mustang a 10-second capable machine.


Mike Galimi
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