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First to the 8s—Midnight Performance Goes 8.99 at 155 mph with 2018 Mustang GT | presented by Nitto Tire


Race Pages Digital has been tracking the Midnight Performance group as they continually push their 2018 Mustang GT with its twin turbo setup. The team has swapped the 2018 Mustang record back and forth with Terry Reeves of Team Beefcake Racing, who runs a Vortech supercharged setup. The record is important because of the new Direct Injection EFI on the Gen 3 Coyote 5.0. Two weeks ago, Manny Gomez pushed even further into the 9s with a best of 9.11 at 154 mph while piloting Jesus Fajardo’s Mustang <HERE> and he vowed they would run in the 8s next time out. He delivered on that promise.

Over the weekend at Evadale Raceway the barrier was broken down with an 8.99 at 155 mph performance, due in large part to an updated transmission calibration by Lund Racing. The A10 transmission, as it has become known, is a great performance box but the tuning shops have been unlocking the tuning strategies little-by-little in the big power applications like this one.

Fajardo’s Mustang was built at Midnight Performance and features an Aldo Welds twin turbo kit that uses Precision 6466 turbochargers. Lund Racing handles all of the engine and drivetrain calibration remotely while Gomez manages the power via an AMS 2000 boost controller. Fueling the beast is the job of a Fore Innovations fuel system and a set of Injector Dynamics fuel injectors. The Driveshaft Shop axles and driveshaft prevent driveline failure while BMR Suspension is responsible for keeping the IRS under control. Watson Racing was tapped for its K-member and A-arm setup while Wilwood brakes help slow the 3,800-pound Mustang down for its 155 mph runs.

Mike Galimi
Mike Galimi is the Director of Content & Marketing at ProMedia Publishing and Events with nearly 20 years of experience in motorsport writing and photography.