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Fiscus/Klugger Racing’s Irons in the Fire, Presented by Nitto Tire

The FKR Mustang is for sale! It just won the NMCA Radial Wars championship as well as the Pro 275 category at No Mercy 8. It is available as a roller or as a turn-key, 3.80/200 mph monster.
By Ainsley Jacobs

Photos by NMCA/Fastest Street Car

Kevin “Flash” Fiscus and Josh Klugger’s Fiscus/Klugger Racing (FKR) team is known for being at the top of the radial tire and big tire game. With countless wins and records to their credit, and now Klugger’s 2017 NMCA Mickey Thompson Radial Wars championship title as well, the guys always seem to excel wherever they wind up.

For 2018, though, they’re planning to shake things up once again. Although Klugger will handle the vast majority of the driving duties for FKR in the coming season, exactly what he’ll be driving is still up for debate. Recently, Klugger listed both his infamous Racecraft-built, twin Garrett turbo and Pro Line Racing-powered FKR ’93 Ford Mustang and his FKR ’12 Ford Mustang Pro Mod for sale – just in time for the holiday season as some lucky buyer will surely get the gift of a lifetime and the chance to own a piece of drag racing history.

Klugger currently has an all-new radial tire build in the works [HERE] and will be back with Fiscus as well as crew men Johnny “Drama” Maguda and Steve “RCNS” Cooks by his side.

Meanwhile, Fiscus will be on stand by for driving duties in case there are any events that Klugger’s busy schedule can’t accommodate, but he’s also got a few irons in the fire of his own.

Nelson Morales of PMS Race Cars in Puerto Rico put together a gorgeous new ’17 Corvette with all the latest and greatest NHRA-legal gear on it, including a Pro Line Racing Hemi engine with twin Precision turbochargers, TurboSmart wastegates and blow-off valves, and a FuelTech FT600 engine management system. Fueled by Atomizer injectors and a Mark Micke TH400 transmission, the car promises big power and the ability to hurt a lot of feelings in NHRA, NMCA, PDRA, or wherever else it winds up. Fiscus is the likely candidate to drive, although nothing concrete has been lined up just yet.

Similarly, Fiscus has also been working with Carlos Gonzalez of National Trailer Inc. to build a neat little Toyota Starlet. “It’s got a whopping 90-inch wheelbase which will run a 2.0-liter Chevy-based EcoTec motor with a single 88mm turbo, EZ Motorsports billet clutch, and a Liberty five-speed,” shared Fiscus of the Tito Chassis Works-built setup, the first clutch car he’ll get to drive. Plans are to share the seat with Gonzalez, though, and the two will target major import events such as the World Cup Finals: Import vs Domestic race as well as Orlando, Florida-based races. “We’re also going to run NHRA Comp Eliminator with it in Gainesville, Florida, early next year.”

There’s a lot of opportunity floating around for Fiscus and Klugger at the moment, and it’ll be interesting to see what shakes out as things are solidified over the next few months for the proven team.

Looking for the right gift for someone special this holiday season? The FKR Pro Modified is up for sale!


Ainsley Jacobs
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