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Forged Drag Wheels—RC Components Show Us How They Are Made!


We’ve come a long way from slotted mag wheels of old, and today’s forged drag wheels are truly works of art. Better materials and construction techniques combined with CNC machining practices have take wheel designs to new levels. With plenty of experience in the custom motorcycle market, RC Components based in Bowling Green, Kentucky, jumped into the automotive market with a line of drag wheels that continues to grow with new models and designs coming out to satisfy every enthusiast.

“I was semi-retired and built a set of wheels for my Corvette, and everyone said ‘no, you’ve got to make these for other people!’” explained RC Components founder Rick Ball, who decided to give the drag racing market a shot and teamed up with Edelbrock Xtreme Street racer Jessie Coulter and his championship-winning Camaro. “I talked to other people, and a lot of folks weren’t happy with the other big-name players on the market. I decided to offer something unique that had equal, if not better, quality, at the same price.”

Ball attended his first drag race with his business in July of 2016 at the NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag Racing event in Joliet, Illinois, and was shocked at how well racers responded to his products.

“We’ve done so much in such a short period of time; RC has really gotten out there quick,” he happily shared. With the RC Components big rig at most NMRA and NMCA events in addition to others, and racers such as Coulter and the NMRA’s Tony Hobson spreading the word and showing off RC Components latest hoops, the wheels are quickly becoming popular among racers everywhere. RC Components recently put together this pretty cool video that shows how the wheel starts off as a hunk of metal, and is turned into one the company’s top-notch designs and then shipped out the door to the customer.