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Frankenstein Engine Dynamics Turbo/ProCharger Billet Pro-Mod HEMI Intake Manifold


As requested by racers worldwide, Frankenstein Engine Dynamics is now producing a Billet Intake Manifold for Turbo/ProCharger applications to complement the company’s already existing P-48 cylinder heads. Featuring robust -16AN Fuel Rails for dual Billet Atomizer Racing Injectors along with a Wilson Manifolds 123mm V-Band throttle body and of course a SFI-certified burst plate, this recently developed intake manifold showcases Frankenstein’s further commitment to its P-48 Top End Package, providing a superior solution to racers who utilize the most popular power adder options in addition to their current screw- and roots-blown options.

“This new intake manifold is something that’s been in development for a significant amount of time now” says President & Owner of Frankenstein Engine Dynamics, Chris Frank. “Our obsession over details that create championship-winning horsepower is not only a necessity, but also something we take great pride in. We simply don’t ship a product out the door unless we honestly believe it’s the best product we can deliver.”

With the success of customers like Jeff Sitton in Radial vs. the World with a Roots Blown combination Frankenstein’s P-48 Top End Package has garnered more attention than ever before, and for a good reason. Based on the record-setting performances in 2018/2019, along with the continued search for horsepower in NHRA Pro Modified as well as RvW environments, more Frankenstein P-48 products are populating the top of qualifying sheets than ever before.

This exact manifold is shipping out to a customer for wheel hub dyno testing as well as on-track testing soon to complete the development process with its public competition debut in October at Lights Out X. Production units are expected to ship as soon as the 2019/2020 winter.

For more information on this manifold or any of Frankenstein’s P-48 products you can get in touch with the induction experts at Frankenstein by dialing (817) 556-2434 or visit