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Haltech Open House July 6th at US Headquarters!


Are you busy on July 6th and want to road trip to Lexington, Kentucky? The trip will be worth as you get an inside look at Haltech USA, located at 750 Miles Point Way, Lexington, KY 40510, for its annual Open House event. The company will be hosting a car show for anyone who wants to bring their hot rod down along with a “Hero Car” showcase with several Haltech-sponsored racecars.

The Open House will be more than just a bunch of cars sitting in the parking, they will be running their Mainline Hub-Dyno throughout day with unique and fun cars to watch, cranking out some serious horsepower and showing the tuning capabilities of the Haltech line of engine and drivetrain management systems.If you haven’t seen a big horsepower pull on a hub dyno, it is quite an entertaining process and Haltech’s dyno is capable of supporting well over 3,000hp. Last month we watched a twin turbo Outlaw 10.5 car making pulls on the dyno. PTP Racing has been using the dyno quite often to dial-in their HEMI ProCharger combinations and various twin turbo setups for Pro Modified, Limited Drag Radial, Outlaw 10.5, and Radial vs. The World.

Haltech representatives will also be available to discuss its extensive line of products including the various levels of Elite engine management systems and the highly-popular Vehicle Management System (VMS) that is an ignition-only ECU. Fans and enthusiasts can also grab some exclusive Haltech merchandise before heading home.

There will be complimentary food and drink available and the party starts at 11AM and concludes at 4PM.

Mike Galimi
Mike Galimi
Mike Galimi is the Director of Content & Marketing at ProMedia Publishing and Events with nearly 20 years of experience in motorsport writing and photography.