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Holley 255 lph OE-Style EFI Fuel Tank Modules for Classic Mustangs



Converting the carbureted fuel system on your car or truck over to EFI has never been easier! Holley now offers OE style fuel tank modules that are designed as a direct replacement for your factory early Mustang pick-up and sending unit.

There is no need for modifications and you will not have to replace your fuel tank. You can even retain the factory fuel hard line, just connect the outlet of the pump module to the hard line on your vehicle with some EFI rated fuel hose and hose clamps such as the Earls Vapor Guard.  This new kit has all of the extra components to fit all three sizes of Mustang fuel tanks from 1964-1970. You choose which fuel gauge float arm for your factory fuel tank size. Fitment: 1964-68 Mustang -16 gallon tank 1969 Mustang- 20 gallon tank 1970 Mustang- 22 gallon tank

The modules include a high-pressure 255-lph, in-tank fuel pump capable of supporting EFI engines producing up to 550 horsepower, and a pre-calibrated fuel-level sending unit that was designed to work with the factory fuel gauge already in your vehicle. Holley’s HydraMat with its unique internal reservoir, keeps fuel available at the pickup while also providing protection from contaminates, and fuel pressure is regulated internally and preset at 58psi, eliminating the added expense of purchasing an external fuel pressure regulator. All return fuel is handled inside the tank, so you don’t have to plumb a return line.

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