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Holley EFI Releases Black Hi-Ram Manifolds For Ford 351W Engines


Holley EFI’s 351W Hi-Ram intake manifolds are now available in a black finish.

Originally launched in a satin finish, these intake manifolds feature a tapered cross-section design and runner lengths to suit countless different applications. Available in two versions – one to fit 95mm throttle bodies and one for 105mm throttle bodies – they feature completely redesigned water-crossover passages that create additional room to make distributor phasing easier. Both kits come with matching black-anodized billet aluminum fuel rails large enough to handle high fuel flow while dampening pressure pulsation throughout the fuel system.

Also available are two 351W manifold bases and a low-profile dual-phase distributor developed just for these manifolds. Both the EFI manifold base and the carburetor base are of billet aluminum construction and anodized black. The distributor is specially designed for maximum spark plug wire clearance under the intake and features dual Hall Effect sensors for crank and cam signals and a cam-sync signal.

Long a staple of the company’s LS intake manifold lineup, these Holley EFI Hi-Ram intake manifolds for the Ford 351W small-block engine are sure to deliver big performance in turbocharged, supercharged, and large-cubic-inch applications, and as black engine compartments are the in thing these days, they now have the menacing look to go along with the performance. It’s too early to tell what sort of hood modifications, if any, may be needed, but these days the intake popping through the hood is a sign of a big, bad powerplant beneath it. Be sure to visit for more information.