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How To– Deatschwerks DW400 Fuel Pump Install Video


The need for more fuel volume in today’s high-performance market is well known, just adding E85 fuel to a naturally aspirated Coyote could require a sizeable increase in fuel volume. Longtime NMRA and NMCA sponsor DeatschWerks makes it easy to increase the fuel flow through a variety of products so you never have to worry about running dry under any driving condition. From fuel injectors to fuel pumps, the company has a wide-range of products. Last year, the company revealed the DW400 in-tank fuel pump at SEMA and it has been a popular upgrade since they started shipping it.

The fuel pump is the highest-flowing in-tank fuel pump the company offers and a single pump is capable of supplying up to 1,000hp in a gasoline-burning naturally aspirated combo thanks to a flow rate of 415 lph at 40 psi. Using it in an E85 application brings that number down to 750hp  (350 lph at 80 psi) due to the greater volume of fuel required. The fuel pump can be used with gasoline, E85, or race fuel and comes with a three year warranty.

Our friends The Fuel House decided to do a YouTube video on how to install the new DW400 fuel pump for those who would like to tackle it at home.




The Fuel House

Mike Galimi
Mike Galimi
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